Thursday, December 30, 2010

Love Triangle - here and there

He was indebted to his rich childhood friend without whose help climbing the ladder of life was next to impossible. A debt which he knew he would never be able to repay.
There was this beautiful lady he was in love with. She too reciprocated his love.
One day when his friend expressed his love for this beautiful lady, he thanks God for the opportunity given to repay his debt. Off he goes with his childhood friend’s proposal to her.

When she refuses he insists saying love is nothing without sacrifice. Sacrifice what love itself is it she retorts back. He refused to listen and leaves her asking her to forget him forever.

Not willing to be another man’s wife she takes her own life away.
Friend has been listening to the conversation between these two. Not wanting to be in their way and yet not able to forget her he too kills himself.
Distraught by the death of his childhood friend and lover, he too commits suicide.
At heaven the friends meet and feel happy for each other. While hugging each other they notice her approaching them.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

who is the fool?

I was just watching this serial. One person in this serial happens to be real fool or at least considered by others as fool. Another person residing in the same locality is in need of Rs.15000/- After trying all his friends, and meeting only with disappointment, he is returning home and enroute meets this so called fool. After they exchange the basic courtesy, our friend on being insisted why he looks so dejected decides there is no harm in telling his requirement and finding out if the fool can help him.

Here is how their conversation goes:
Aapke paas kuch rupye honge kya?

Kitna chahiye?
pandhrah hazaar rupye chahiye, hai kya aapke paas?

Nahi ji, mere paas tho sirf pachis hazaar rupye hain.
Oh koi baat nahin, mai kisi aur se pooch loonga…

Do you have any cash

How much do you need
I need Rs.15000, do you have it?
No, I have only Rs.25000
Oh no problem at all, I will ask someone else.

Now who is the fool here??

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unpleasantness in a showroom

There is this showroom recently opened in my locality. At my friend’s suggestion that it held a lot of varieties at reasonable rates, I thought why not give it a go. Along with my daughter I entered the textile showroom. For a new showroom it lacked the sense of neatness. Clothes were heaped on tables. Oh yes there were some on the hangers and some on the shelf too. But the tables had the most of them. Digging into the table we found a dress which we thought was looking ok. As we removed it from the pile….a sudden stench of sweat greeted our nose. The depth of stench came exactly from the dress which we felt was good in terms of pattern, design and colour. We could not continue our purchase in that showroom. It lacked neatness, cleanliness and hygiene…………..and thereby making us hurry for the exit.

But that made me ponder. Most of the showrooms have a trial room for customers to try on the dress and then go ahead to choose to buy or not. What would be the best way to avoid this unpleasantness? An unpleasantness, that makes one walk out of the shop. I think the answer lies, a lot on the customer as much as it lies on the showroom owner and salesperson.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The kids these days…

We have a kids' pool in our residential complex. Many kids enjoy splashing and playing in the water. Rainy season or weather being chill is no excuse to stop them from entering the pool. Parents, who do try to, are branded the worst parents (especially the mothers) one could ever come across because they are the biggest obstacles coming in the way of the children’s happiness and enjoyment.

This one child’s act on one day though is worth mentioning.

The guard drains the water from the pool by around 6 pm. So this day too he did the same. My neighbor saw that though the guard had opened the valve to drain the water…the water level was not receding. And all the kids were enjoying the pool with same enthusiasm. Well not all, she noticed one kid standing in a corner, his face filled with happiness to see his friends jump and splash around the water. She went up to him and asked him why he was standing aside and wondered aloud why the water was not getting drained. Giving her a look of – what you don’t know this - he replied that he was standing aside so that his feet blocked the hole where the water gets drained and that is the same reply as to why the water was not getting drained. A look of delight was very much explicit in the kid’s face.
Oh god the kids these days indeed.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Very difficult indeed it is to control the mind. It tends to tread on and adhere to exactly those memories that we don't want it to go. It plays a wonderful role in remembering and raking up those issues that we
really want to forget.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

down the memory lane

Going down the memory lane
I went through my life again
Many incidents that did bring
Silent tears to my eyes
And still many did bring
A happy smile on my lips
Many a memory I did find
To last forever in mind

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Many different ways in life to share
Many different ways in life to care
Many different ways in life to love
Many different ways in life to live

But only when a catastrophe strikes us
That shatters us and tears us apart -
That too sometimes way too late
Do we choose to change the path.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Traffic Constable

I was walking down the road in Adyar and turned into a smaller street. Four young men on two bikes went past me. They were suddenly stopped by a traffic constable. I could not assess what wrong these four young men could have done. They were on the right side of the road. They had not entered the wrong side of a one way. They were wearing helmets. There were only two men in each bike. The speed with which they crossed me showed they were within speed limits. Then why did the traffic constable stop them. The young men were showing their licence but the traffic constable seemed not contented. The men were then seen searching their pockets. I was almost nearing them when the traffic constable lifted his head and his face showed a change. I looked in that direction and saw a beautiful young lady approach him with a beautiful smile. It was exactly the time when the boys gathered some money from their pockets and turned to hand it over to the constable. “Please sir, this is all we have.” one of the young man was saying. As this beautiful lady neared the constable, I heard him advice the boys not to over speed and also to ensure such mistakes did not happen again. And he let them go. Heaving a sigh of relief at not having been given a fine and that they did not have to part with their money, the young men left, smiling and silently thanking the beautiful young lady.
I heard the beautiful lady ask the traffic constable for some address as I continued my walking.
Wow...what difference a beautiful lady on the road could bring about!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deepu's school sports day

October 1st was Deepu’s school sports day. He was rejected during the preliminaries held at school. Very upset he said it was all due to his friends’ fault who failed to keep to their track and marching the wrong way during march-past. As such he was not in any event. I told him participation was important and he had participated in most of the events and that is all that matters. On his insisting I went to attend the sports day function of Navadisha Montessori School.

As soon as he reached the stadium he asked me and his sister Anu, to sit. Saying he has to be with his other friends he just absconded. Soon the events started and I was enjoying the tiny tots in action. I was amused by one particular event. Kids from 1st standard lined up for a 50 meter race. These kids had seen others run and not knowing how far they have to run, they continued their race past the finishing line. Wow…no stop at all they just enjoyed running and were in action. The PT master had to run behind them to stop them. 50 meter race and they had already crossed 200 meter mark. Their innocence was just beautiful to see.

Ok back to my son Deepu. He came sometime later saying he was thirsty. Took the water bottle and as a passing remark he mentioned about a puppy that lay hurt and bleeding. Again zoom he vanished. Past lunch time he came to me and said he was hungry. I gave him his packet of lunch. Saying he would eat with his friends off he went again. An hour later, time to go home and Anu went in search of him. Yonder under a tree he was seen with two of his friends. Anu returned with him, and he was sulking. Why so early we have to leave was the reason behind his sulking. I looked at Anu and she shrugged saying he and his friends were busy with three puppies and its mother.

Enroute I asked him what are the events he really watched and what he really enjoyed during the sports event. He mumbled something about running race and was silent. And then he told me about his day in the field. He and his friends had spotted a puppy that was hurt in its leg and had fallen in an ant hole. With the help of an elder person they took it out and had managed to clean it. Proudly he said he was asked to be in charge of the puppies - ensuring no one tried to harm it. He had managed to give it some water. Having a little rice for himself he had offered the rest of his lunch to the puppies and their mother. The mother dog seemed to trust him and let him pat her puppies. He was even allowed to have the puppy in his lap. He and his friends had given names for the three puppies. A gleam shone in his face as he described his day.

Seeing other children compete in final events, I did long to see my son there…not to win races but to be present in the events. But as he described his day with such pride in his voice, I felt this was much better than seeing the medals and certificates which were lying for the winners. The hurt in his face as he described the puppy suffer, helping the puppy and its mother and the happiness on having done his little bit for them made me feel proud of my son. Any medal or certificate would seem very small to this act of his I felt. Hugging him and tears
of joy in my eyes…we returned home, having enjoyed a beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To invite or not to invite

Yesterday she was telling that there is a way to invite people home or for any functions. The head of the family (it should be a man) should extend the invitations either over phone or in person. After all they expect it to be done to them so it is also necessary that they follow the same.
This conversation arose because she was not accorded a proper invitation from a relative.
Okay. I called him up and asked him to extend the invitation accordingly.
Today however she has a different view in this regard. I am sitting right beside her cousin brother and sister-in-law (SIL) and she was asking them not to extend any invitation for any functions. Her view now is since they are old and not healthy they prefer not to go out anywhere. She added that when an invitation is extended, she finds making up to the invitation an unwanted force thrust on them. She asked her SIL not to be so formal.
Oh god I though how could she tell this… my midst that too? Or has she forgotten what she had said to me.
Now I am lost. For my house functions do I invite or not. (oh I have this concession see, I am temporarily taking the charge of the head in my family – my husband being overseas and this concession is something that she arrived at – if the head of the family is not available immediately then the lady can take it upon herself to extend the invitation)
Awful attitude of a car driver (continuation)

Oh today his attitude was not that awful at all. He turned the car and brought it to the side where I was standing waiting for Deepu’s school van. I would not say his parking was perfect today. But at least he did not park on the centre of the road. A portion of the car was on the intersection and a portion of the car on the road side. Good I thought.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Crow Friends

A few crows enjoy my morning breakfast and sometimes lunch too. As early as 6.30 in the morning they come to my kitchen window sill and start cawing. They are the first ones to taste my cooking (not a bad cook I am I suppose since the number has increased from one to many in the last few days). One crow in particular decided to trust me. In the sense the crow would put its head through the window grills to see if it could see something edible. Many times it sits on my window grill and now does not fly when I put out my hand through the window sill to keep something for it to eat. Once I place the food for it, it caws and ensures the others are there for their breakfast. Oh but it also ensures it is the first to have its breakfast. Most of the other crows ensure I either move out of their sight soon after I place their breakfast or at least assure that I don’t harm them or catch them.
Of late I noticed this in my crow friend – the daring one – it has got a companion for itself I suppose, they always come together. The other crow just sits a little distance away from my window sill. My friend as usual comes and caws sitting on the window sill and slowly moves itself towards the grill. As I place its breakfast, it fills its beak and goes towards its partner. Filling its partner’s beak with what it has taken, it comes again for more. I enjoy seeing this daily morning. I also talk to them, which is very amusing to my daughter who has a hearty laugh to see me do so. Hmm I sure would like to pat the crow on its head…for being so caring towards its partner and also for being daring and trusting me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Awful attitude of the car driver

I was waiting for the school van to pick up my son. A car came up and the driver stopped the car right in the centre of the road – four streets intersect here – and was speaking on his cell phone. I thought he would move the car once his conversation is over, but no…the car stood there. Another car coming from the apartments had to horn several times for our driver friend to move his car. He backed the car for the other car to go and was back in the centre of the road again. 10 minutes passed and no sign of his moving the car. My son’s van picked him up and the van driver had to honk his horn to make the driver move his car. This time our driver friend refused to budge. I tapped on his window and requested him to park his car on the side of the road. His immediate response was…why should he move his car, was it disturbing me? Not wanting to lose my patience I told him it was as such not disturbing me but what he was doing is not right. His immediate response was - When a vehicle comes was he not backing the car. He added that he did not even let them use the horn. It is for just two minutes, when the person comes he would leave. If it is not disturbing me why do I bother, what can't I just go away like the other people on the road.
Losing my patience I replied that though his car remaining in the centre did not disturb me as such, there were two wheeler vehicles that kept honking the horn which seemed to fall deaf on his ears and yes, he did move the car, but why did he want to do it only on seeing and hearing the horn of the other car? Can he not just park it on the side of the road?
I asked him which taxi service he was operating for? He refused to reveal the information.
He was not willing to budge even a wee bit. Thinking and saying loud what a lousy driver he is and a not so good choice for the company he works for, I walked away.

Why did I just turn my back and walk my way? Why did I not ensure he moved the vehicle? Was it some fear that he would do something to me? I know I did a mistake by moving away. There were so many things I could and should have done. I could have tried further to put sense into his head. I could have noted the taxi number. I could have insisted in knowing for whom he operates. But I also knew I was going to scream at the top of my voice and just moved on. Pity I thought.

Friday, August 6, 2010

“Amma, shall I throw out this dish that has been lying in the fridge for the past 3 days” asked the daughter.
“No dear, don’t” replied the mother.
“Why ma?” continued the daughter. It has been lying in the fridge for past 3 days. None of us want to eat it. That apart it seems to smell a little stale.”
“That is ok. We can give it to the watchman or the maidservant tomorrow. Food is so expensive nowadays we just cannot afford to throw it away. It is a sin.” said the mother.
“But Ma, the watchman has his dinner by 8 pm. Now it is already past 9.30. Even if you give it to him, he will only use it tomorrow. And the maidservant is expected only in the late hours of the morning. By then this dish would be spoilt completely. How can they eat it?”Asked the daughter?
“There is nothing wrong in that. They are a little poor. They would never mind if the food is a little stale or old. They would gladly accept whatever we give them, needy that they are” replied the mother.
Very familiar situation and happens in most houses.

As I opened the kitchen shelves to clean, I noticed a jam bottle lying behind. Oh god I thought, not remembering about the jam available I had bought new bottles. I noticed the date. Thank god it had not expired. I took out the bottle and decided I would give it to the apartment maid. And then it just struck me, I am giving away this bottle mainly because I hesitate to use it as it is slightly older than the one I had bought recently. I just did not feel it right. Keeping the bottle in the fridge, I took out the newer one. And taking some fruits I called the maid and handed it over to her. It sure does not matter for them, how old the stock is. All that they see is an item that they find very expensive to buy has been given to them for free. And they take it happily. Manufacturing date and expiry date is something that they never bother about. But educated and literates that we are, sure know about what to use and what not to. How could we do otherwise?
My mother’s way of doing things in this regard is so different from others. The food that we have (hot and fresh) is what is offered to the maid. There were many times that my mother came to my home in the mornings and left in the evenings. These days, before leaving for my home she used to cook rice just for the maid servant.
I am not saying we should not give leftovers to others. But at least we could check and ensure that what we give is edible and not spoilt, right?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am punished for a mistake - a mistake that I never knew existed nor aware that I had committed. If I have done it, I do want to atone for the same and reform. That sure is not difficult.
But I also want to ensure that I don't commit the same or something similar, ever again in life. How am I supposed to go about that?

PS:This post does not relate to some mistake that I have committed. This has been a thought that has been in my mind for quite sometime now. How to correct myself from a mistake that is invisible?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Necessity to provide for his family for the present and future made him go out of his hometown to earn the living bread. Now with enough to take care of the needs for the future, he returned home.

She had been waiting for him. She had involved herself in social service activities during his absence. When he returned back to his hometown, he joined hands with her and together they dedicated their time to serving the needy. Be it orphanages, old age homes or any such institutions, they involved themselves totally. Not to forget the campaigning for blood donation. A loss of child in their life due to non availability of blood at the time of need was the reason behind their intensity in this particular activity.

Happy and loving pair they were. But life took a drastic turn when she started falling sick very frequently. Assuming it to be just exhaustion due to rigorous activity, she just ignored her health. But it kept deteriorating. Soon his health too began to show a downward slope. Sensing something amiss, they had a thorough check up and that turned to be a threatening storm in their lives. Both were tested positive for AIDS. And by then it had reached its peak. It was eating them away.But what was taking their life faster than the disease happened to be the doubts that began to crawl its way into their minds.

She had this nagging doubt on him – he had been away for quite some time – and that too at a very young age, what if the physical needs overpowered and he relented to it.
He doubted her – having been away for quite some time, she had involved herself in social work. But in the process she had made good friends with many men. What if she had given in to the need s of physical pleasure?

A happy life soon took a drastic turn. If only they had expressed their doubts to each other or at least to a common friend. Their last few days were just miserable. Writing off their hard earned wealth to charity organisations, both breathed their last. Their last few days were spent hating each other just because mind created a nasty havoc in their lives.

If only they had remembered the blood donation camp that they had assisted. The camp wherein they had fought a case against the institution for using syringes that were not disposable nor was there indication of it having been sterilised properly.
But alas, they were filled with so much suspicion against each other that they became blind to what might have happened in their life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was more than a year now since he had left his home. Bound by duty to the nation, he had to leave his newly married bride.
She remembered vividly that day. She was busy in the kitchen preparing his favorite dishes to celebrate one month of their married life. He was on the phone. A few minutes later she felt him come behind her. An act she was used to these days. From behind he hugged her. The hug seemed to tell her much more and instantly she turned to face him. Her hands around his neck she looked up and saw a sad face.
I have to report to duty in two days he said. And he had left soon after.

Their only communication was through letters. She held this letter close to her heart. He would be home this Saturday he had written. Eagerly she waited the day of his arrival. The sound of taxi near her house entrance made her run to the balcony. She felt butterflies in her heart as she him alight from the taxi and enter home. She rushed to him but stopped a feet away. Not sure how to proceed she just smiled and took the luggage from his hand. During the day he spoke to her of various things that happened during this one year at the border. She listenend intently. She sensed his happiness in being back home.
Feeling tired he excused himself after dinner and went straight to bed. Within seconds he was fast asleep. Finishing her day's work she switched off the lights and went to her room. She slid on to her side of the bed. She recalled how she used to lie in his arms, but that was a year ago she thought. Hesitantly she placed her arms across him. She removed them when he moved. As he turned towards her she saw the lovely smile that she had been missing. Snuggling close to him she went into the arms that he held open for her. Now she felt no inhibitions. In his embrace she felt peace and secure. This is where she belongs, she knew. Smiling, she drifted off to a beautiful sleep with him beside her.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ambulance and the traffic
the siren from the ambulance was shrill...
depicting urgency and emergency
yet none of the vehicles gave way for the ambulance....
with a lot of difficulty the driver managed to manoeuver
and reached the traffic signal
ambulance are given a green signal though the traffic signal shows red
and with the ailing person it shot through the traffic
and those who refused to give way to the ambulance
took advantage of the ambulance ahead
following it they just jumped the red signal
and the traffic policeman just watched

wow Indian traffic is truly atrocious

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The beautiful girl
His love for her was just unmeasurable. A single tear in her eyes and he would be lost totally.
A cherubic face that used to greet him each passing day was now filled with sadness beyond compare. A situation as such brought around by the fact that she could never enjoy the bliss of motherhood.
Time passed, but she just could not come out of that sadness. Unable to see her sad face, he engulfed himself in his office work. He was away out of town on tours way too frequently of late. She did seem to notice a slight change in his behavior, but did nothing about it, being filled with her own sorrow.

He could have confided in her about a decision he was about to make. A decision which he was sure would bring the happiness and cheer in their life. A decision which he felt she would accept when he reasoned it out to her, but it needed some time.

He was expected today from his tour. She received a call in the afternoon from him. He requested her to get ready to receive a beautiful girl he had met. That he had fallen in love with her and felt she too would accept her. Like any other woman, a sudden plunge of jealous feeling filled her heart. Who could it be, she wondered?

As per his request she had everything arranged at home for their arrival. 6 pm he had said. It was only 5 pm. She freshened herself up and draped herself in a peacock blue saree he had gifted her soon after their marriage. She looked at herself in the mirror, the beauty in her face was not lost. Then why she pondered. The events of the past few months flashed before her eyes and she felt she was responsible for neglecting him. Now nothing could be done. Or could it she wondered.
At 6 pm sharp, he rang the doorbell. Not receiving any response, he tugged the door with his leg and was surprised when it threw open. With the beautiful girl in his arms he entered the threshold of his house. The house was beautifully decorated. Filled with appreciation for her in his heart he called out to her. No response. Where could she be he wondered. He went towards his bedroom. He knew the beautiful girl's smile is sure to capture her heart. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her lying on the bed. She looked beautiful. And he felt happy to see there was no sign of sadness in her face now. In fact he saw the cherubic face he was used to. A smile rose in his lips as he neared her. The flutter of a paper on the bedside table made him turn towards the night lamp. There was a note addressed to him. “I am sure she would keep you happy dear, she had written”. The soft giggle and the tiny legs kicking him brought him out of his stupor.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good role models to our children - Are we???
The summer vacations are slowly coming to an end. Children of all age groups enjoying the happy hours of breaking rules and restrictions imposed otherwise. But what exactly are the rules and restrictions that is alright to break. No studies – agreed. Extra television viewing hours – not bad. Extra play hours....of course permission granted wholeheartedly.
This particular restriction broken though seemed really unfair. Returning home after picking up my son from his summer class, I was dumbstruck to notice a child – all of 10 years or so riding a herohonda access....and on another day was this child...looking still younger and riding a tvs scooty. The feet of these children hardly reach down to the ground.
What are the parents doing I wonder? Do they not even have an inkling of what their children are upto? Have they exhausted ways to keep the children occupied during the holidays. Or are they gloating over the fact that their children at such tender age are able to handle the vehicles on a busy road? The worst thing here is even the traffic policeman turns a blind eye to what is happening on the road. When accidents happen, we run helter skelter to the police station and hospital. Not knowing how to overcome the situation, we just either yell at the child who ends up in the police custody sometimes or pour the tears out if the child is in the hospital. All such action, but for few days after which the children are allowed to go ahead doing the same thing again. At such times I just feel we are the worst role models to our children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last was just beautiful standing and enjoying the lovely breeze in our balcony and in the early hours of the morning....say abt 1 am it looked like there was someone lighting crackers across the beautiful was the lightnings and as accompaniment by way of sound was the thunder and looked like the clouds were enthralled with the beauty and as a sign of appreciation opened out such heavy beautiful it was.

Well powersupply got cut for around 1 hour in the early hours of the morning...but still it was not hot or sultry. And in the morning when I went to our balcony ....the sight that greeted me was so beautiful....all the trees and plants enjoying the wonderful breeze and looking fresh after having had a wonderful bath in the lovely rains... hmm it is still raining....and it is really really cool now...swaying and bowing, greeting with gratitude to the beautiful mother earth....was the greenery around.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Politician or God

The order in which the choice is given itself is not right. Well...let's see.
We have a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali just opposite our apartments. On all Fridays, the temple incharge takes it upon himself to play songs praising the Goddess. And so like an alarm it screeches in the early hours of every Friday. He is kind enough to switch it off by around 10 am and ensures he plays them again by 4 pm.
It was the wee hours of today morning. I was planning to treat myself to some extra sleep – Sunday Special. But our temple incharge had a different idea. By 5.30 I was woken up by some blaring noises. Oh it Friday and not Sunday I thought. The noise though was different from the regular songs played. Dragging myself to the balcony I just looked towards the temple. Therein was a live show of folk dance performed by artists, praising the goddess. Shutting the doors and windows, I went back to bed. But all efforts to shut the sound failed and I just dragged myself out of the bed to go about with my Sunday duties. 11 o clock and still no sign of them stopping.
All of a sudden another blaring noise was heard. Trying to place the words, I could infer that it is – yes once again – the followers of the politician playing songs praising their leader. Great Sunday indeed. And soon it became a competition of Neeya – Naana (you or me). And the songs praising the politican just sweeped through and emerged victorious in the competition. The folk dance artists just packed up their belongings and moved out. Reaction of the audience was different. One group moved towards the place the songs were played. One group had a frown in their face. They mumbled words against the politician and followed the troupe. Another set heaved a sigh of relief, and went to their home to continute their sunday respite. And the songs went on till late hours of evening.
Well when the question of God or Politican arose...our politician won with the balance tilting to his side in toto. So when importance is given to politician then invariably, the choice of who comes first in order of is the politician who won.
There goes my Sunday that was supposed to be lovely.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How thoughtless are we
I have noticed this aspect in many a human being. We tend to find it worthwhile to give gifts as cash or kind to those who have in plenty rather than to those who are in need.

In fact, the richer the receiver is, the costlier is the gift/cash that we give to them. We spend hours in shops to choose an apt gift for the richer class. Breaking our minds as to whether it would deem fit for them. And if it would be fit for their status. All time, effort and penny would just be shunned aside. Why not, for after all what we consider as a great gift is something that might just be a thing worthwhile to be put in the garbage according to them.

But if the receiver is poorer, then we think why waste money on them. And we look out for the least amount that we can afford for them. We feel just gifting a token amount to the needy is by itself a great deed done by us.

But the response shown by them is amazing indeed. That paltry amount given by us is a huge help to them. That is how they consider it. And they are filled with gratitude to us for that action.
A lot is there to think I feel.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Red Flowers
Oh aren't those lovely red flowers
so beautiful, to the earth like foyers
Happily said the little angel
from the heavens high above.

Please dear Father let me go
and admire them, where they grow
pleaded this little angel
eyes filled with excitement and glow.

You wouldn't withstand it my dear
they are not what you see from here
so my dear little angel
do not plead, just to me do hear.

Her face bore a look of sadness
devoid now of the lovely blitheness

wanting that his dear little angel
understand the reality, he let her go.

As she flew down to the earth
she saw the beauty just fading away
mirth lost and hurt was this little angel
for she saw not flowers but blood all way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Self Praising
So pitiable is the plight of our VIP politicians. To promote themselves and request (nah..plead) for votes and beg to elect them, they have framed words to make a song which gives them a pat on their back. Not just that, their songs request (nah, beg) us to thank them for their so called selfless deed done during their tenure. Unfortunately, their songs are so irritating. They just start blasting through the loud speakers in the street, inconveniencing the other residents very early in the morning. Not sure about others, I sure would think many times if I had to vote for such politician, who bothers not about the disturbance he is creating for the public.

Monday, March 22, 2010

When in rage, words so piercing are darted out from deep within. Little do we realize at that time how painful they would be to the receiver. Or how deeply engraved it carves into their hearts and mind. The painful deed is done. So deep is it that even though we are forgiven for the words, the mark has been made in their hearts and time might just heal but...the scar is there to ever remind of the hurt.
We on the other hand just console ourselves saying whatever was said was done in haste and nothing was meant from the depth of our heart. And we just move on.
Is it needed at all??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My beautiful dress

My dress is torn
a beautiful dress
what shall I do now dear?

it is expensive
one of a different kind
I need a way to clear.

Laces and bows
adorning around
Mamma will surely scream.

Down the road
is the tailor's shop
will he give a try?

I went to him
with tears in eyes
asking to help by.

will surely try
so come later
he said and shooed me away.

my heart filled with fear
fingers crossed
I wait for pass of day.

when I returned
my beautiful dress
In my arms he did place.

I muttered a thanks
was choked with emotion
for there was not a torn trace
Is it because of EGO - 2

So long as what I say is received with showers of appreciation, I am happy, glad and in top of the world. I just am not willing to accept criticism heartily, though I do say – all opinions welcome. When my views are counter attacked, I just argue and try to put my point through. No way would I accept my views are wrong. I raise hell proving the other person wrong. And now it is not to just point that my views are correct...but insist that my viewpoint is the best.
Isn't it here, the so called EGO
dwells deep inside us
remains active forever
and just refuses to go.
This attitude is something that is there in almost all of us.
Oh mankind how confusing and self important

EGO makes you to be.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Renouncing the world

I think I will renounce this world
all I will need is a room that will give me
a cool effect and total comfort
when the sun is blazing its heat.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is a room that will give me
a warm feeling of being under a quilt
when the cold outside is unbearable.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is food so tasty and delicious
to satiate my hunger and also ensure
that I don't starve myself.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is to stock my locker
and house with wealth so much
I never need to earn for many lives to come.

I think I will renounce this world
All I need is a robe to hide my real character
and lure people to sacrifice their all
not so difficult task it would be.

I think I will renounce this world.
the wealth and pleasures that mankind crave for
I have derived them in a short span of time
by playing around with the belief of many.

A simple robe and act of being God or his messenger
has done the work for me
So why should I not go ahead and announce
I am renouncing this world

PS: It seems to be dripping with sarcasm...well..with our yogis and saints being in the news in a negative sense...the belief that we have is weaning to naught..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ambulance Service
Receiving a call at 3 in the early hours of the morning, she rushed out after giving instructions to her teenaged daughter to take care till her return. She reached his house and found him lying on the bed totally unaware of the people around him. His breathing was irregular. His body was too cold. She tried to wake him, but no response. The dental doctor near his house checked his pulse...way too abnormal. Take him to a hospital immediately, he said. But how. He just was not in a position to sit in a car. Ok, an ambulance it is she decided. With various numbers in her hand, she dialed them. Each refusing to send an ambulance immediately. She checked his body was very cold even now. After an hour of pleading with several ambulance services, she finally caught hold of a hospital number. But the person on the other side wanted to ensure that the patient was alive. Should he send a doctor to check, she was asked. For what reason to send an ambulance if there is no life in the person. It would be a waste of money, he said. She was seething in anger and almost screamed at him. The dental surgeon, known to that hospital owner intervened and asked the ambulance to be sent immediately. Having given the address, she expected the ambulance to reach the residence in ten minutes, that is the time it would take had she taken her bike or car, that too with no traffic that early in the morning. But no, the ambulance took more than 30 minutes to reach the residence. Reaching in 30 minutes was more due to the help of a security officer who was on rounds that day. Her heartfelt gratitude to him.
Hurriedly he was taken inside the hospital, and drips were administered immediately. An hour after we reached the hospital, he regained consciousness. The doctor attending to him said all was well now. Though reaching few minutes later would have lead to unwanted complications and sometimes stroke too.
Well so much for the ambulance service, (better late than never)- her uncle is on his feet now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When I don't have an answer or an appropriate answer to the question posed to me, then I try to find a way to escape from the situation. The best responses that I give are:
That is the way it is supposed to be...don't start an argument. - or
That is it, do not question the basics of life (or whatever the topic is about.) It is only the foolish who harp on such issues. - or
You don't know this simple thing is it...oh god, you should improve your knowledge. - or
Oh you know it, but just pretending you don't know. And since I know that you know, let us leave the topic.
(hmm anymore to add...oh help me out...I sure could do with some more responses.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At Dawn

One of the many mastepiece of the Almighty
the dawn – an amazing scene of beauty
the clouds enveloping the sky above
an array of colours of red, orange then yellow.

scattering its rays through the clouds
playing hide and seek with us
to enrich us with very special days
is the sun mighty as always.

Look up above and don't deny
the beauty of the clouds in the sky
various shapes do seem to arise
all depending on what you visualize

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Her beautiful smile

I love to see her beautiful smile
so whenever I come across her
I give her one of mine
to be reciprocated with a lovely shine.

Why am I, by her smile smitten
What is it that draws me to hers
It is a smile so innocent and sweet
offering many a lovely treat.

Devoid of makeup, yet a beautiful grace
stress of one, her smile does erase
a chuckle and giggle bringing a dimple
cute little baby my day has become special.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

swaying to the breeze are the lovely trees
swishing and swashing are my curtains
unexpected yet most welcome is the mizzle
pitter patter down my window pane
and through the french door they reach to me
sprinkling water on my face
the feel so lovely and beautiful
hands held out I stand on my balcony
to savour this picturesque scene

Monday, January 4, 2010

I mused over this strange aspect
Two ladies trying to surpass one another
All just to hold a very special place
Both in his mind and in his heart

When will it ever enter their thoughts and mind
That each have their own special place, a different kind
I mused over this strange aspect of the two ladies
One elder to him and the other younger