Friday, September 17, 2010

Awful attitude of the car driver

I was waiting for the school van to pick up my son. A car came up and the driver stopped the car right in the centre of the road – four streets intersect here – and was speaking on his cell phone. I thought he would move the car once his conversation is over, but no…the car stood there. Another car coming from the apartments had to horn several times for our driver friend to move his car. He backed the car for the other car to go and was back in the centre of the road again. 10 minutes passed and no sign of his moving the car. My son’s van picked him up and the van driver had to honk his horn to make the driver move his car. This time our driver friend refused to budge. I tapped on his window and requested him to park his car on the side of the road. His immediate response was…why should he move his car, was it disturbing me? Not wanting to lose my patience I told him it was as such not disturbing me but what he was doing is not right. His immediate response was - When a vehicle comes was he not backing the car. He added that he did not even let them use the horn. It is for just two minutes, when the person comes he would leave. If it is not disturbing me why do I bother, what can't I just go away like the other people on the road.
Losing my patience I replied that though his car remaining in the centre did not disturb me as such, there were two wheeler vehicles that kept honking the horn which seemed to fall deaf on his ears and yes, he did move the car, but why did he want to do it only on seeing and hearing the horn of the other car? Can he not just park it on the side of the road?
I asked him which taxi service he was operating for? He refused to reveal the information.
He was not willing to budge even a wee bit. Thinking and saying loud what a lousy driver he is and a not so good choice for the company he works for, I walked away.

Why did I just turn my back and walk my way? Why did I not ensure he moved the vehicle? Was it some fear that he would do something to me? I know I did a mistake by moving away. There were so many things I could and should have done. I could have tried further to put sense into his head. I could have noted the taxi number. I could have insisted in knowing for whom he operates. But I also knew I was going to scream at the top of my voice and just moved on. Pity I thought.


Dr.Antony said...

Civic sense is the consideration by the people for the unspoken norms of society.It has to do with law abiding, respect for fellow men,and maintaining decorum in public places.Using " every body does it" is the usual explanation,but no longer acceptable.

We notoriously lack in civic sense.This is one thing which clearly keeps as miles behind the developed nations.It is a culture we have to develop. And as you confessed, there is a total lack of response from people like us.

A New Beginning said...

It happens Lakshmi, Like today in the morning a person was driving his car right in front of mine in a very slow speed, he had enough space to give me a free left so that I could pass from there, but he didnt, finally I just had to raise my speed and overtake....people are irritating and dont hav sense at all, its just that there should be enough authority on the roads to deal with this lot, with people like us, they wont learn a lesson until we report them to the authorityl.

KParthasarathi said...

There are errant drivers too many for any individual to tackle.They are rude and abusive generally.Draw their attention gently and if they persist write a letter or mail to authorities for whatever worth it has.It is best not to enter into arguments with them unless we are ready to stoop to their level in fighting out.It is policeman's job to control them.Let us render unto Caesar things that are Caesar's!!

arvind said...

ho my god..
its so easy..

he was exactly waiting for some one -
who marked that place - to wait there..
may be he new..

it might sure - as no driver -
never use to do things like that..

but u -

amalbose said...

most people wont even care to do wat u did.. its often our habit to avoid any problems n just turn a blind eye on certain things..happens to everyone