Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Subdued Fire

Writhing in pain because of betrayal
From unexpected quarters – so very brutal
Tears welling and rushing out
Controlling it she could not.

Opening the valve of the shower
She let the water flow on her
Clearing the tears as the water flow
Closing her eyes she let them go.

Her eyes now closed she could sense
Yellow and red fire so dense
She realized the feeling with awe
She was burning inside, very raw.

Allowing the water do their charm
Thereby releasing her from the alarm
Slowly she saw the obtuse fire
Whimper and letting go the ire.

As she now opened her eyes
She could feel the cool slowly arise
Allowing the form of an aura of peace
Not anymore she felt the crease.

As she closed her eyes again
Doubting, if exists the fire of pain
What she saw amazed her
In place of fire a lovely white flower.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Friends that I have are very few
but from heart I know they are all true
I do keep regular contact
but never felt the need to keep a pact
for friendship blossoms from the heart
and good friends never go apart

Friday, April 4, 2008

Never stop or own the moral excellence in a person. It would be futile, since moral excellence as a character in a person, is like the fragrance of the flower that spread far and wide as the wind blows, with no boundaries for it. Everyone in this world needs to smell the fragrance of moral excellence and follow the same, so as to spread it further.

Initial charm weans as time passes.

The initial enthusiasm with which one gets involved, the inner depth and interest in any activity is soon followed by a neglected attitude in them.
Any activity for that matter, be it movies, corruption, murders, ruthlessness amidst people, the scam, the scandal, sports, etc. make sensational news today and is soon forgotten.
The good deeds are remembered if the person happens to be an extraordinary person or has done something exemplary. Even these people are forgotten and are remembered either on their birthdays or death anniversary, soon to be forgotten again.
And what about the crimes and mistakes committed. Do people learn from these mistakes? No, never, they just brush it off like some dust speckle and continue to do the same. And in most cases, this paves way for others to follow and commit any mistakes. And such crimes soon become news of the past when justice is denied or delayed.
Ok what about love. Here too the intensity is lessened. It is almost taken for granted when it has been accepted by both. And when it leads to marriage, well the honeymoon is over and so is the fun and frolic, so back to mundane activities seems to be the motto.
Unfortunately so is the case of many friendships. Starting with a hesitating hi, it goes on to blossom into a wonderful friendship, but sooner or later, there too it vanishes, either when one of them moves away to a different locality. The words and promises – your friendship is like life to me, not a day can pass if I don’t speak to my friend, so on and so forth, are not even remembered.
Why does the initial charm fade away? Is it because a new path has paved its way or is a new path being paved because the charm has lost everything it could say?
One of my friend was leaving for USA. And he had this to say to me, "Lakshmi, I expect at least one mail from you everyday. I sure would respond to all your mails. If I fail to receive even one mail per day, I would punish you severely when I return back home." Well I kept up the word from my side. Initially he responded to all my mails. And soon I would receive replies to mails after one week and the gap widened. Now I hardly ever send or receive mails from him. We do chat once in a while. Might be I too am to be blamed, why did I stop the regular activity that I used to do? But however deep inside I know, and so does he, that the friendship between us is still fresh and will be forever so.
Probably, in relationship, it is best not to pay attention to the weaning of the initial charm. The core matter probably lies fresh deep within, no matter how many days have elapsed. It can bring back the interest whenever needed. That is why it has a special name Friendship.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


These words as a poem I wrote with a particular friend in my mind.
My thanks to him, whose encouraging and inspiring words,
prompted me to try my hand in writing. I know I am still an
amateur and have a long way to go and improve myself.
Thanks dear friend. I could go on saying more, but the pages
Would just not suffice to accept all my views.

Thank you GOD for giving me a true friend

Searching for a wonderful relationship
The best is what I call true friendship
I keep asking GOD for one such friend
And wondered why I lack in this end.

Many a people did he show
I later realized why HE did so
Trying to make me understand
The inherent qualities I can withstand.

And when HE knew I understood
HE did send me a friend so good
A relationship so pious and true
My dear friend, it is YOU

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Platonic Relationship/friendship

Is it so difficult to have a platonic relationship?
I put forth this question to a very good friend of mine. His answer to it is - Ideally speaking yes, but practically speaking NO. Such relationships might be possible but the percentage of it is way too minimum, to even be seen.

Can there not exist a relationship between a man and a woman that is devoid of physical desires in it? Why does the society show narrow mindedness when it sees a man and a woman together and brand their friendship as an ‘affair’ or say there sure is "something" going between the two?
Why should it mean that in a good friendship between two people, there is a hidden affair going on?
Does friendship between a man and a woman culminate only to satiate physical desires between the two? Does love between friends of opposite gender, only mean something to do with carnal cravings?

My views about a platonic relationship is not where the friends sit with each other for hours together, either face to face or chat over phone or internet and in the process neglect their family life or ignore their spouse. It is also not about a situation, where the friends feel missed if they don’t see each other or talk to each other, even for a day.

I do believe a platonic relationship between a man and a woman is possible. It is one of the sweetest friendship that one can ever experience.

If such friendship is fading away from our lives it is more so because of the possessive feeling of their spouse. The suspicious nature inherent in the spouse of the friends leads them to conceal this relationship. The fear that such a relationship can not be accepted or will be misunderstood or what the society may say, to such a friendship, which in turn affects their family life, leads them to hide this relationship. When a situation arises as to which to hold on to – family or friend, to ensure smooth running of the family, family seems to be the one they have to choose as they are committed to it. Thereby the friendship remains hidden, or nipped off in the bud stage itself.

Trust/faith/belief call it whatever you want, is the base that holds strong and tight any relationship. Marriage is based on this concrete foundation named trust. If that trust is not visible, then how can one ever lead a life with happiness and joy in it. The absence of trust makes one suspect the other in life. Injecting venom in the seeds planted will lead to the death of the plant even before the shoots show their face, the plant just withers and dies, because the venom has settled in the roots. Does the root survive? Never. Such is the disaster that is created because of venom in the form of suspicion in relationship.

Physical relationship between spouses is something that binds them together. And it is a form of expressing love between them. And in that love is the trust that they share between them. I cannot, in thoughts or deeds, imagine a person having physical relationship with someone other than their own spouse. The relationship that one shares with their spouse is totally different from those shared with friends. There is this component of love in both the relationships. They have their own way of being expressed.

If the heart and mind is pure, the relationship is genuine, the trust is incomparable, then just seek out with sincerity in heart, one is sure to find a friendship that has only pure love in it – platonic friendship .

'Tis the perception of the beautiful, A fine extension of the faculties, Platonic, universal, wonderful, Drawn from the stars, and filtered through the skies, Without which life would be extremely dull"
- Lory Byron