Thursday, April 3, 2008


These words as a poem I wrote with a particular friend in my mind.
My thanks to him, whose encouraging and inspiring words,
prompted me to try my hand in writing. I know I am still an
amateur and have a long way to go and improve myself.
Thanks dear friend. I could go on saying more, but the pages
Would just not suffice to accept all my views.

Thank you GOD for giving me a true friend

Searching for a wonderful relationship
The best is what I call true friendship
I keep asking GOD for one such friend
And wondered why I lack in this end.

Many a people did he show
I later realized why HE did so
Trying to make me understand
The inherent qualities I can withstand.

And when HE knew I understood
HE did send me a friend so good
A relationship so pious and true
My dear friend, it is YOU


RaMaNaN said...

Wow, this one so amazing...the second para really touches me... i think u r, pls keep writing..

lakshmi said...

Thanks Mr.Ramanan
I started trying my hand at writing due to the encouragement from a friend of mine, with him in mind the poem was written..

Appreciation helps a long way in making one achieve great heights..
Thanks again
Have a happy cheerful day