Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It was more than a year now since he had left his home. Bound by duty to the nation, he had to leave his newly married bride.
She remembered vividly that day. She was busy in the kitchen preparing his favorite dishes to celebrate one month of their married life. He was on the phone. A few minutes later she felt him come behind her. An act she was used to these days. From behind he hugged her. The hug seemed to tell her much more and instantly she turned to face him. Her hands around his neck she looked up and saw a sad face.
I have to report to duty in two days he said. And he had left soon after.

Their only communication was through letters. She held this letter close to her heart. He would be home this Saturday he had written. Eagerly she waited the day of his arrival. The sound of taxi near her house entrance made her run to the balcony. She felt butterflies in her heart as she him alight from the taxi and enter home. She rushed to him but stopped a feet away. Not sure how to proceed she just smiled and took the luggage from his hand. During the day he spoke to her of various things that happened during this one year at the border. She listenend intently. She sensed his happiness in being back home.
Feeling tired he excused himself after dinner and went straight to bed. Within seconds he was fast asleep. Finishing her day's work she switched off the lights and went to her room. She slid on to her side of the bed. She recalled how she used to lie in his arms, but that was a year ago she thought. Hesitantly she placed her arms across him. She removed them when he moved. As he turned towards her she saw the lovely smile that she had been missing. Snuggling close to him she went into the arms that he held open for her. Now she felt no inhibitions. In his embrace she felt peace and secure. This is where she belongs, she knew. Smiling, she drifted off to a beautiful sleep with him beside her.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ambulance and the traffic
the siren from the ambulance was shrill...
depicting urgency and emergency
yet none of the vehicles gave way for the ambulance....
with a lot of difficulty the driver managed to manoeuver
and reached the traffic signal
ambulance are given a green signal though the traffic signal shows red
and with the ailing person it shot through the traffic
and those who refused to give way to the ambulance
took advantage of the ambulance ahead
following it they just jumped the red signal
and the traffic policeman just watched

wow Indian traffic is truly atrocious