Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Self Praising
So pitiable is the plight of our VIP politicians. To promote themselves and request (nah..plead) for votes and beg to elect them, they have framed words to make a song which gives them a pat on their back. Not just that, their songs request (nah, beg) us to thank them for their so called selfless deed done during their tenure. Unfortunately, their songs are so irritating. They just start blasting through the loud speakers in the street, inconveniencing the other residents very early in the morning. Not sure about others, I sure would think many times if I had to vote for such politician, who bothers not about the disturbance he is creating for the public.

Monday, March 22, 2010

When in rage, words so piercing are darted out from deep within. Little do we realize at that time how painful they would be to the receiver. Or how deeply engraved it carves into their hearts and mind. The painful deed is done. So deep is it that even though we are forgiven for the words, the mark has been made in their hearts and time might just heal but...the scar is there to ever remind of the hurt.
We on the other hand just console ourselves saying whatever was said was done in haste and nothing was meant from the depth of our heart. And we just move on.
Is it needed at all??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My beautiful dress

My dress is torn
a beautiful dress
what shall I do now dear?

it is expensive
one of a different kind
I need a way to clear.

Laces and bows
adorning around
Mamma will surely scream.

Down the road
is the tailor's shop
will he give a try?

I went to him
with tears in eyes
asking to help by.

will surely try
so come later
he said and shooed me away.

my heart filled with fear
fingers crossed
I wait for pass of day.

when I returned
my beautiful dress
In my arms he did place.

I muttered a thanks
was choked with emotion
for there was not a torn trace
Is it because of EGO - 2

So long as what I say is received with showers of appreciation, I am happy, glad and in top of the world. I just am not willing to accept criticism heartily, though I do say – all opinions welcome. When my views are counter attacked, I just argue and try to put my point through. No way would I accept my views are wrong. I raise hell proving the other person wrong. And now it is not to just point that my views are correct...but insist that my viewpoint is the best.
Isn't it here, the so called EGO
dwells deep inside us
remains active forever
and just refuses to go.
This attitude is something that is there in almost all of us.
Oh mankind how confusing and self important

EGO makes you to be.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Renouncing the world

I think I will renounce this world
all I will need is a room that will give me
a cool effect and total comfort
when the sun is blazing its heat.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is a room that will give me
a warm feeling of being under a quilt
when the cold outside is unbearable.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is food so tasty and delicious
to satiate my hunger and also ensure
that I don't starve myself.

I think I will renounce this world
All I will need is to stock my locker
and house with wealth so much
I never need to earn for many lives to come.

I think I will renounce this world
All I need is a robe to hide my real character
and lure people to sacrifice their all
not so difficult task it would be.

I think I will renounce this world.
the wealth and pleasures that mankind crave for
I have derived them in a short span of time
by playing around with the belief of many.

A simple robe and act of being God or his messenger
has done the work for me
So why should I not go ahead and announce
I am renouncing this world

PS: It seems to be dripping with sarcasm...well..with our yogis and saints being in the news in a negative sense...the belief that we have is weaning to naught..