Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lovely Rains
Lovely is the weather today -
across the sky is the lightning
looks like streak of diamond
and beautiful grey clouds I see
forming a blanket around the sky
slightly heavier than drizzle
is the shower of rains,
gently blowing is the breeze
directing the rain water
as sprinkles on my face
nice, cool and happy I do feel.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

savouring coffee

With a cup of steaming hot coffee
To admire nature I sit in my balcony
I look yonder and savour the sight
of the lake under a dim light.
The smooth flowing breeze
causing ripples on the water
and the reflection of lights swaying.
I close my eyes and feel the zephyr.

The row of hutments opposite my home
buzzes with activity at the crack of dawn
trying to outdo each other are these people
with rangolis adorning their entrance.
And far off I hear the birds chirp
here and there the roosters crowing.
Behold the sun showering its beautiful ray
welcoming the dawn of a beautiful day

I enjoy my morning cup of coffee