Saturday, March 14, 2009

End result we are left with nothing

Life presents us to such beautiful things
In form of love, care, concern and kind too.
But greedy and craving, we often are
We leave these and search for something new.

So desperate are we in this search
Life’s gift to us, we tend to ignore
Off we proceed to obtain those things
Aware not, it is the mirage we adore.

Best things in life remain lost to us
Realization strikes us way too late
For what we left behind has vanished
Making it impossible to even locate .

End result we are left with nothing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

rat's feast - my son's shoes

Could you please ma, pleaded my son
Buy a new pair of shoes for me
The ones I have are tattered and torn
Of no use now can they be.

I looked at his pleading eyes
And knew I just could not refuse
But still asked him what had happened
To the special ones bought for his use.

Yes ma, my son replied innocently
A new pair that no longer does exist
For what could I do if the rats felt hungry
And in my shoes they were treated to a feast