Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The beautiful girl
His love for her was just unmeasurable. A single tear in her eyes and he would be lost totally.
A cherubic face that used to greet him each passing day was now filled with sadness beyond compare. A situation as such brought around by the fact that she could never enjoy the bliss of motherhood.
Time passed, but she just could not come out of that sadness. Unable to see her sad face, he engulfed himself in his office work. He was away out of town on tours way too frequently of late. She did seem to notice a slight change in his behavior, but did nothing about it, being filled with her own sorrow.

He could have confided in her about a decision he was about to make. A decision which he was sure would bring the happiness and cheer in their life. A decision which he felt she would accept when he reasoned it out to her, but it needed some time.

He was expected today from his tour. She received a call in the afternoon from him. He requested her to get ready to receive a beautiful girl he had met. That he had fallen in love with her and felt she too would accept her. Like any other woman, a sudden plunge of jealous feeling filled her heart. Who could it be, she wondered?

As per his request she had everything arranged at home for their arrival. 6 pm he had said. It was only 5 pm. She freshened herself up and draped herself in a peacock blue saree he had gifted her soon after their marriage. She looked at herself in the mirror, the beauty in her face was not lost. Then why she pondered. The events of the past few months flashed before her eyes and she felt she was responsible for neglecting him. Now nothing could be done. Or could it she wondered.
At 6 pm sharp, he rang the doorbell. Not receiving any response, he tugged the door with his leg and was surprised when it threw open. With the beautiful girl in his arms he entered the threshold of his house. The house was beautifully decorated. Filled with appreciation for her in his heart he called out to her. No response. Where could she be he wondered. He went towards his bedroom. He knew the beautiful girl's smile is sure to capture her heart. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her lying on the bed. She looked beautiful. And he felt happy to see there was no sign of sadness in her face now. In fact he saw the cherubic face he was used to. A smile rose in his lips as he neared her. The flutter of a paper on the bedside table made him turn towards the night lamp. There was a note addressed to him. “I am sure she would keep you happy dear, she had written”. The soft giggle and the tiny legs kicking him brought him out of his stupor.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good role models to our children - Are we???
The summer vacations are slowly coming to an end. Children of all age groups enjoying the happy hours of breaking rules and restrictions imposed otherwise. But what exactly are the rules and restrictions that is alright to break. No studies – agreed. Extra television viewing hours – not bad. Extra play hours....of course permission granted wholeheartedly.
This particular restriction broken though seemed really unfair. Returning home after picking up my son from his summer class, I was dumbstruck to notice a child – all of 10 years or so riding a herohonda access....and on another day was this child...looking still younger and riding a tvs scooty. The feet of these children hardly reach down to the ground.
What are the parents doing I wonder? Do they not even have an inkling of what their children are upto? Have they exhausted ways to keep the children occupied during the holidays. Or are they gloating over the fact that their children at such tender age are able to handle the vehicles on a busy road? The worst thing here is even the traffic policeman turns a blind eye to what is happening on the road. When accidents happen, we run helter skelter to the police station and hospital. Not knowing how to overcome the situation, we just either yell at the child who ends up in the police custody sometimes or pour the tears out if the child is in the hospital. All such action, but for few days after which the children are allowed to go ahead doing the same thing again. At such times I just feel we are the worst role models to our children.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last night...it was just beautiful standing and enjoying the lovely breeze in our balcony and in the early hours of the morning....say abt 1 am it looked like there was someone lighting crackers across the sky....so beautiful was the lightnings and as accompaniment by way of sound was the thunder and looked like the clouds were enthralled with the beauty and as a sign of appreciation opened out such heavy showers....so beautiful it was.

Well powersupply got cut for around 1 hour in the early hours of the morning...but still it was not hot or sultry. And in the morning when I went to our balcony ....the sight that greeted me was so beautiful....all the trees and plants enjoying the wonderful breeze and looking fresh after having had a wonderful bath in the lovely rains... hmm it is still raining....and it is really really cool now...swaying and bowing, greeting with gratitude to the beautiful mother earth....was the greenery around.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Politician or God

The order in which the choice is given itself is not right. Well...let's see.
We have a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali just opposite our apartments. On all Fridays, the temple incharge takes it upon himself to play songs praising the Goddess. And so like an alarm it screeches in the early hours of every Friday. He is kind enough to switch it off by around 10 am and ensures he plays them again by 4 pm.
It was the wee hours of today morning. I was planning to treat myself to some extra sleep – Sunday Special. But our temple incharge had a different idea. By 5.30 I was woken up by some blaring noises. Oh god....is it Friday and not Sunday I thought. The noise though was different from the regular songs played. Dragging myself to the balcony I just looked towards the temple. Therein was a live show of folk dance performed by artists, praising the goddess. Shutting the doors and windows, I went back to bed. But all efforts to shut the sound failed and I just dragged myself out of the bed to go about with my Sunday duties. 11 o clock and still no sign of them stopping.
All of a sudden another blaring noise was heard. Trying to place the words, I could infer that it is – yes once again – the followers of the politician playing songs praising their leader. Great Sunday indeed. And soon it became a competition of Neeya – Naana (you or me). And the songs praising the politican just sweeped through and emerged victorious in the competition. The folk dance artists just packed up their belongings and moved out. Reaction of the audience was different. One group moved towards the place the songs were played. One group had a frown in their face. They mumbled words against the politician and followed the troupe. Another set heaved a sigh of relief, and went to their home to continute their sunday respite. And the songs went on till late hours of evening.
Well when the question of God or Politican arose...our politician won with the balance tilting to his side in toto. So when importance is given to politician then invariably, the choice of who comes first in order of appearance...it is the politician who won.
There goes my Sunday that was supposed to be lovely.