Sunday, May 16, 2010

Politician or God

The order in which the choice is given itself is not right. Well...let's see.
We have a temple dedicated to Goddess Kali just opposite our apartments. On all Fridays, the temple incharge takes it upon himself to play songs praising the Goddess. And so like an alarm it screeches in the early hours of every Friday. He is kind enough to switch it off by around 10 am and ensures he plays them again by 4 pm.
It was the wee hours of today morning. I was planning to treat myself to some extra sleep – Sunday Special. But our temple incharge had a different idea. By 5.30 I was woken up by some blaring noises. Oh it Friday and not Sunday I thought. The noise though was different from the regular songs played. Dragging myself to the balcony I just looked towards the temple. Therein was a live show of folk dance performed by artists, praising the goddess. Shutting the doors and windows, I went back to bed. But all efforts to shut the sound failed and I just dragged myself out of the bed to go about with my Sunday duties. 11 o clock and still no sign of them stopping.
All of a sudden another blaring noise was heard. Trying to place the words, I could infer that it is – yes once again – the followers of the politician playing songs praising their leader. Great Sunday indeed. And soon it became a competition of Neeya – Naana (you or me). And the songs praising the politican just sweeped through and emerged victorious in the competition. The folk dance artists just packed up their belongings and moved out. Reaction of the audience was different. One group moved towards the place the songs were played. One group had a frown in their face. They mumbled words against the politician and followed the troupe. Another set heaved a sigh of relief, and went to their home to continute their sunday respite. And the songs went on till late hours of evening.
Well when the question of God or Politican arose...our politician won with the balance tilting to his side in toto. So when importance is given to politician then invariably, the choice of who comes first in order of is the politician who won.
There goes my Sunday that was supposed to be lovely.


KParthasarathi said...

It is a blight of current times.People, even good intentioned, seldom realise that liberty is a social contract and that their right to play loud music should not impinge on peaceful atmosphere for others.It is here that governments intervene to maintain a balance.No music should be played beyond one or two hours in decibels just adequate for the place and not as a device to attract crowds.This would apply to religious,political and social functions.
Sadly this is not gaining the attention of the rulers and people suffer from the over enthusiasm of others.
A good piece.

KParthasarathi said...

The right to swing my fist ends where the other man's nose begins." O.W,Holmes
Likewise our right to play music ends where the other man's ears begin to hear!!
But who cares for the rights of others in these might-is-right days

Saras said...

It is a pity that such wanton invasion of other's liberty is left un-punished by our legal system and we can do very little to prevent it as long as our ignoble political system remains. Just close youe eyes and imagine that there is no sound!

deeps said...

One wonders whether Sabbath is made for man or vice versa…!!
subtle observation there ... :-)

arvind said...

both are institutions..

the folk dances - me feel they are great..