Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good role models to our children - Are we???
The summer vacations are slowly coming to an end. Children of all age groups enjoying the happy hours of breaking rules and restrictions imposed otherwise. But what exactly are the rules and restrictions that is alright to break. No studies – agreed. Extra television viewing hours – not bad. Extra play hours....of course permission granted wholeheartedly.
This particular restriction broken though seemed really unfair. Returning home after picking up my son from his summer class, I was dumbstruck to notice a child – all of 10 years or so riding a herohonda access....and on another day was this child...looking still younger and riding a tvs scooty. The feet of these children hardly reach down to the ground.
What are the parents doing I wonder? Do they not even have an inkling of what their children are upto? Have they exhausted ways to keep the children occupied during the holidays. Or are they gloating over the fact that their children at such tender age are able to handle the vehicles on a busy road? The worst thing here is even the traffic policeman turns a blind eye to what is happening on the road. When accidents happen, we run helter skelter to the police station and hospital. Not knowing how to overcome the situation, we just either yell at the child who ends up in the police custody sometimes or pour the tears out if the child is in the hospital. All such action, but for few days after which the children are allowed to go ahead doing the same thing again. At such times I just feel we are the worst role models to our children.


KParthasarathi said...

The fault lies wholly with the parents.They would only come to grief when the child suffers an accident or injures others.Policmen when they notice such cases should make the parents learn a stiff lesson.There is no other way to mend such irresponsible people.

Greener Bangalore said...

At times grandparents are better role models than parents ;-)

arvind said...

ho.. this may happen..

reduce the licence eligibility age from 18 to 14..


deeps said...

OMG ... will i have to write similr stuff soon?? oops

Anya said...

Nice to know that
there are now summervacations
at your country!
Here its in August :-)

Have a Happy Sunday