Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last was just beautiful standing and enjoying the lovely breeze in our balcony and in the early hours of the morning....say abt 1 am it looked like there was someone lighting crackers across the beautiful was the lightnings and as accompaniment by way of sound was the thunder and looked like the clouds were enthralled with the beauty and as a sign of appreciation opened out such heavy beautiful it was.

Well powersupply got cut for around 1 hour in the early hours of the morning...but still it was not hot or sultry. And in the morning when I went to our balcony ....the sight that greeted me was so beautiful....all the trees and plants enjoying the wonderful breeze and looking fresh after having had a wonderful bath in the lovely rains... hmm it is still raining....and it is really really cool now...swaying and bowing, greeting with gratitude to the beautiful mother earth....was the greenery around.


arvind said...

u r blessed..

watched the lightning and thunder - that too at nite - it would be wonderful..

still feel the dripping sounds of water - from ur writing..

no one create anything -
which the nature (alone) could do..

Anya said...

I'm afraid for thunder :(
But after rain comes sunshine :))
Enjoy ....

KParthasarathi said...

Picturusque writing bringing vividly the beautiful scene as you saw.Nature can be atonce enthralling or devastating depending on its mood.Fortunate are those exposed to nature's benign moods.
A nice writeup