Sunday, July 11, 2010

Necessity to provide for his family for the present and future made him go out of his hometown to earn the living bread. Now with enough to take care of the needs for the future, he returned home.

She had been waiting for him. She had involved herself in social service activities during his absence. When he returned back to his hometown, he joined hands with her and together they dedicated their time to serving the needy. Be it orphanages, old age homes or any such institutions, they involved themselves totally. Not to forget the campaigning for blood donation. A loss of child in their life due to non availability of blood at the time of need was the reason behind their intensity in this particular activity.

Happy and loving pair they were. But life took a drastic turn when she started falling sick very frequently. Assuming it to be just exhaustion due to rigorous activity, she just ignored her health. But it kept deteriorating. Soon his health too began to show a downward slope. Sensing something amiss, they had a thorough check up and that turned to be a threatening storm in their lives. Both were tested positive for AIDS. And by then it had reached its peak. It was eating them away.But what was taking their life faster than the disease happened to be the doubts that began to crawl its way into their minds.

She had this nagging doubt on him – he had been away for quite some time – and that too at a very young age, what if the physical needs overpowered and he relented to it.
He doubted her – having been away for quite some time, she had involved herself in social work. But in the process she had made good friends with many men. What if she had given in to the need s of physical pleasure?

A happy life soon took a drastic turn. If only they had expressed their doubts to each other or at least to a common friend. Their last few days were just miserable. Writing off their hard earned wealth to charity organisations, both breathed their last. Their last few days were spent hating each other just because mind created a nasty havoc in their lives.

If only they had remembered the blood donation camp that they had assisted. The camp wherein they had fought a case against the institution for using syringes that were not disposable nor was there indication of it having been sterilised properly.
But alas, they were filled with so much suspicion against each other that they became blind to what might have happened in their life.