Sunday, February 22, 2009

Few minutes at the window sill
Savoring each second as I stand still
The window acts as my reposeful space
When my heart some sadness doth face.

All I need is something to soothe
What better than idyllic nature so smooth
Helping me regain my composure
To greet the lovely day with pleasure.

And so I stand by my kitchen window
And feel the fresh breeze blow
My eyes treated to lush greenery
Oh Mother Nature, I truly love thee.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Biased justice

Human beings always act in haze
Biased are they in many a ways
Every act of theirs does amuse
To extremes range their views.

A mistake that causes dejection
The wrongdoer, immediately they chasten
Not listening to the excuse, penalty given is severe
Making the wrongdoer feel pierced with a spear.

The same committed by someone dear
Their thoughts becomes so unclear
And so forgiveness is what they feel
Is the very best way to heal.

Heal from what I often wonder
Their thoughts filling me with anger

We are left with no other option
But be deeply hurt by their actions

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A smile for me

There are hundred of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.
Her face and heart did not seem to have seen much of laughter. Her lips hardly seemed to curve to give a smile. Neighbors said it is very rare to see her smile. She did not pose the figure of being friendly to her neighbors. She stays all alone in her flat.

I saw her when I went to pay my electricity bill. She was standing ahead of me in the long queue. Standing for long under the heat made her sit down. As her turn came, she handed over the EB card and some cash to the counter lady. When her card, receipt and balance were returned to her, we saw our lady standing without any response as if in a trance. All efforts to call her seemed to fall into deaf ears. An elderly lady sought my help in making her sit down. The EB employee offered a bottle of water, which, I gave to this lady. She just took a sip and handed it back to me. I collected her card, receipt and the balance and helped her keep them in her bag. I offered to take her home which she refused. A few minutes after sitting down, she picked herself up and started to walk. I came to know then from my friend that this lady stayed in the apartments where we stayed.

I still neither know her name nor do I have any other information about her. I had not done much for her that day and I wish I could have done more. But I was rewarded beautifully for this simple gesture of mine.
And the reward is this:
Whenever she sees me, her lips curve to give me a beautiful smile.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Each Morning

As I try to wake up each morning
My mind is all set for a fighting
It splits itself into two
Both trying, the other to outdo.

One insists on sending me out of bed
To freshen and start the day ahead
The other is ready to claim its right
And says lazing also does excite.

Between the two, raging a war so ferocious
In their views they have lot of clearness
Active one says, have time for yourself and so arise
Doing nothing, is time for self, the lazy replies.

Enough of their stupid fight I decide
No more can I let them be vied
The active one is welcome on weekdays
While the lazy one gets the holidays.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Oblivious is he of the pomp and show
His life clock now ticked down to zero
Lying down on this specially made bed
To the other world he seemed to have fled.

Crackers burst and flowers strewn
What use is of this love not shown
When alive we seemed to ignore
Now dead, we seem to adore.

In a few minutes all that would remain
Are the ashes, which we may retain
Later to immerse in some river
And may be forget him forever.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doctor's negligence

Hurt me deep to see this lovely new born baby
Instead of cradle, on the floor lying awfully
Both legs bandaged, and held up high,
Doctor’s negligence with fractures does he lie.

What oh what are the doctors up to?
Mistakes they commit are far from few.
Patients’ life either in jeopardy or put to risk
If money not given, some just whisk.

It is not an issue of just one-day
World over people have this to say
A dedicated and noble profession, they stain
Parents and patients put to unbearable pain.