Monday, February 9, 2009

Oblivious is he of the pomp and show
His life clock now ticked down to zero
Lying down on this specially made bed
To the other world he seemed to have fled.

Crackers burst and flowers strewn
What use is of this love not shown
When alive we seemed to ignore
Now dead, we seem to adore.

In a few minutes all that would remain
Are the ashes, which we may retain
Later to immerse in some river
And may be forget him forever.


Shravan said...

sentimental?? between a nice poem dear lakshmi.. made a good read :)

KParthasarathi said...

That is the harsh truth truly said.A good poem indeed.

manivannan said...

Very thoughtful poem. A harsh reality of life. Well written lakshmi. This reminds me of a line from patinathar poem. "Vittu vida poguthu uyir...vitta vudanae udalai suttu vidapogindrar sutrathar" I hope you know Tamil :)

A new Beginning said...

Hey you write very well loved your recent poem and this ones great aswell.Wish you all the very best:)

lakshmi said...

Hi Friends
Thanks a lot.
Have a great day ahead

My wOrLd... said...

nicely written lucky....its a truth every one has to face one day!!!
p.s.hope u dont mind me calln you lucky....