Friday, January 30, 2009

crowded bus

Tired were we after a long shopping
At the bus stop impatiently waiting.
When the bus glided beside us we did feel
A sense of happiness none of the face could conceal.

The entrance was entirely choked
And the seats by some bags were blocked
Amidst this lucky enough were we
Finding seats to sit through the journey

Most of the youngsters of today
Found it thrilling to travel all way
Either hanging on the windowpane or entrance
Not bothering to give their life a glance.

Suddenly we heard an order from behind
A lady commanding if others would not mind
To move forward and create space in the center
So as to let the youngsters enter.

Turning towards the direction of the sound
What I saw did make me astound.
The orders were coming from the lady
What is next to her she could never see.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A good samaritan

Never have I seen him before
But in my heart the memory I would store
A little thought and bringing to my notice
Helping me avert an accident, his act so selfless.

Riding on the main road, my son as pillion rider
The happiness increasing as we rode faster
So much so that everything else felt unreal
It was only the lovely breeze we could feel.

Little did I realize in the fun joining
Was my dupatta fluttering and flying.
And soon it was beckoning the tyres along
The two together trying to make a song.

Honking his horn was this gentleman
Irritated was I by this action.
Pointing out my dupatta’s enjoyment
He brought me from reverie to present.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The theme provided to me by a friend I just tried to put words and make it a poem. And here it is:

If I don’t start and reach there early I know
Winding like serpentine, the line would grow
I cannot stand in this endless queue
My legs are weak, and I cannot pursue.

Though advanced by years, I too desire
To cover my shame and so I require
This long piece of cloth that would erase
Many a disgrace I very often face.

Outside my hut in this pitiable plight
I stand waiting to see if there’s some light
Came this gentleman, sent by the divine
With his help I was first in the line.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh....Absentminded me.....

Along with my husband, I visited a good friend. When taking leave of them, they gifted me with a lovely handbag. I had the wonderful opportunity to use it that very day. All set in the evening for shopping and to have dinner outside, I kept some cash in a purse and asked my daughter to place it in the handbag I had received from my friend. Shopping luckily was done with credit card that my husband had with him.
As we were entering the restaurant, some intuition prompted me to check my new handbag. And my intuition proved right….there was just Rs.10/- and my keys in the bag. No amount of checking helped. I kept asking my daughter why she did not take the purse that I had given her and she insisted that I had not asked her to take. Well my husband’s wallet did hold some cash and the restaurant did accept credit card. So without being embarrassed we walked out of the restaurant.
As we were walking to our two-wheeler, I was remembered of another incident that took place 18 years before.
Newly married, my husband took me to Guruvayoor temple. The temple rules insist on men not to wear pants or shirt. Only dhoti and mundu allowed. So my husband gave me his wallet and asked me to keep the same in my handbag. So sweet of me, I did so and followed another instruction that my husband did not give me. I placed my handbag in the car and free hand had a wonderful dharshan of Lord Guruvayoor. My husband asked me for cash to put in the hundial………oh god I said…… is in the car.
While returning to our car, we met one of our relations who insisted that we have some lunch. This relative was well known for his miserliness. Try much my husband could not avoid. Anyway he said…we have your watch and my watch, if need be. We restricted to eating bare minimum while our host went in full swing. Time to pay…..not having a penny, my husband volunteered to pay the bill. Being newly married has its own benefits. So our host said it does not deem fit for us newly weds to pay and he would only make the payment. Not a person to leave it at that usually, my husband immediately agreed and heaved a sigh of relief.
Two incidents are more than enough for me to ensure I have my wallet filled with cash when I take you out, so said my husband as we returned home.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A beggar and his friend

Read in a tamil magazine about a dog howling beside a dead beggar,
thought why not put in words to make a poem. And so here it is.

Seated along the roadside corner
Adorned in clothes tattered all over
Begging for alms to see him through
And what he gets he shares it too.

Today he was not seated but sprawled
A scene so different as he was walled
By the many who did throng
Letting him die they moved along.

Sitting beside was his four-legged friend
Someone who with him did append
Gratitude was what it did show
By staying beside when others did go.

When whole human kind was against him
Finding not a morsel to eat and life was dim
Here was a heart showering & sharing love and meal
With the beggar’s demise, life now has lost the zeal

As his howling seemed to deepen
People considered it an evil omen
They threw stones to shoo him away
But he stood transfixed filled with dismay.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom's home

Trying yet to come to terms
And overcome the sadness engulfing us
Due to our dear mother’s demise
A question in our minds did arise.

Who would now adorn the role?
Played by mom, our loving soul
A character so significant in life, that bind
Us into a relationship of unique kind.

My sister felt to suit the role, I am tailored
Till at least from abroad, my brother returned
My husband expressed a different view
Saying I was younger, and might not fit into the shoe

Each pointing our hand to others around
Yet the solution remained unfound
In between something my sister told
Took me high which as a treasure I would hold.

Mom’s demise, dear Lakshmi, is a big blow,
And now we need a mom’s house to go
It is in your home that we do find
Exactly what we have in our mind.

Friday, January 9, 2009

school friend

Some are remembered for being good in academics. Some are remembered for being champions in sports. Some are known for being notorious. Yet some for their good nature. But being a student who remains silent and way too reticent by nature and yet remembered is something I did not expect at all.
As I walked out of the Nilgiris Departmental Stores, I saw my husband in conversation with another young man whose face seemed very familiar. As I neared them, he asked me if I remembered him. I shook my head in the negative. I knew him well enough, but I just could not place him. He did not give me too much time and said - I am Sundar from Vanavani School. Oh god, I thought, yes indeed… Sundarram it is.
He said he had seen my daughter Anu waiting outside the departmental store and immediately recognized her as someone very closely related to Lakshmi, a girl who had been in the same school he too had studied. And so he had gone directly to my husband and asked if the girl waiting happens to be Lakshmi’s daughter.
And thus they entered into a conversation. After chatting for few minutes, Sundar gave me his email id to keep in touch. He also said he would put me in touch with other schoolmates of mine.
A pleasant surprise indeed it was for me. Being an introvert by nature, I hardly ever mingled with my classmates, leave alone other section students. One could say my presence in the class was probably known by the silence I maintained in the class. (I remember one of my teachers paying me credit in this regard) And now after 23 years a person from the science group recognizes me.
I felt extremely happy in meeting Sundar. And I hope through Sundar I would be able to reach out to my other schoolmates.