Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom's home

Trying yet to come to terms
And overcome the sadness engulfing us
Due to our dear mother’s demise
A question in our minds did arise.

Who would now adorn the role?
Played by mom, our loving soul
A character so significant in life, that bind
Us into a relationship of unique kind.

My sister felt to suit the role, I am tailored
Till at least from abroad, my brother returned
My husband expressed a different view
Saying I was younger, and might not fit into the shoe

Each pointing our hand to others around
Yet the solution remained unfound
In between something my sister told
Took me high which as a treasure I would hold.

Mom’s demise, dear Lakshmi, is a big blow,
And now we need a mom’s house to go
It is in your home that we do find
Exactly what we have in our mind.


KParthasarathi said...

The spirit of mom,her love and fondness for all the members of her family, is obviously experienced in your home.No mean credit to you for creating that ambience for your siblings.
Nice and touching poem

A New Beginning said...

Very touching and very true,All the very best.

manivannan said...

Nice poem here. Beautifully written. I'm sorry about you mother. But after reading the poem above, I can well say your sister is right :)