Friday, January 9, 2009

school friend

Some are remembered for being good in academics. Some are remembered for being champions in sports. Some are known for being notorious. Yet some for their good nature. But being a student who remains silent and way too reticent by nature and yet remembered is something I did not expect at all.
As I walked out of the Nilgiris Departmental Stores, I saw my husband in conversation with another young man whose face seemed very familiar. As I neared them, he asked me if I remembered him. I shook my head in the negative. I knew him well enough, but I just could not place him. He did not give me too much time and said - I am Sundar from Vanavani School. Oh god, I thought, yes indeed… Sundarram it is.
He said he had seen my daughter Anu waiting outside the departmental store and immediately recognized her as someone very closely related to Lakshmi, a girl who had been in the same school he too had studied. And so he had gone directly to my husband and asked if the girl waiting happens to be Lakshmi’s daughter.
And thus they entered into a conversation. After chatting for few minutes, Sundar gave me his email id to keep in touch. He also said he would put me in touch with other schoolmates of mine.
A pleasant surprise indeed it was for me. Being an introvert by nature, I hardly ever mingled with my classmates, leave alone other section students. One could say my presence in the class was probably known by the silence I maintained in the class. (I remember one of my teachers paying me credit in this regard) And now after 23 years a person from the science group recognizes me.
I felt extremely happy in meeting Sundar. And I hope through Sundar I would be able to reach out to my other schoolmates.


Ayesha Parveen said...

Nice post Lakshmi. I got in touch with a childhood inspiration after 28 years, last November, and am grateful to God for it.

Shravan said...

a good post, after much of waiting.. just wondering what kept you away till today.
happy weekend.

KParthasarathi said...

Almost a month since you wrote last.Thanks to Sundar,you are back into your blog.
It is normally difficult to remember childhood faces unless there are pronounced features.All credit to Sundar's sharp memory to identify mom thro her child.