Monday, January 26, 2009

A good samaritan

Never have I seen him before
But in my heart the memory I would store
A little thought and bringing to my notice
Helping me avert an accident, his act so selfless.

Riding on the main road, my son as pillion rider
The happiness increasing as we rode faster
So much so that everything else felt unreal
It was only the lovely breeze we could feel.

Little did I realize in the fun joining
Was my dupatta fluttering and flying.
And soon it was beckoning the tyres along
The two together trying to make a song.

Honking his horn was this gentleman
Irritated was I by this action.
Pointing out my dupatta’s enjoyment
He brought me from reverie to present.


KParthasarathi said...

A very sweet poem.Yes, there is music in the third verse.

My wOrLd... said...

good poem....
you can create wonders with keep writing!!!

KParthasarathi said...

What is the last word in the picture?