Friday, January 30, 2009

crowded bus

Tired were we after a long shopping
At the bus stop impatiently waiting.
When the bus glided beside us we did feel
A sense of happiness none of the face could conceal.

The entrance was entirely choked
And the seats by some bags were blocked
Amidst this lucky enough were we
Finding seats to sit through the journey

Most of the youngsters of today
Found it thrilling to travel all way
Either hanging on the windowpane or entrance
Not bothering to give their life a glance.

Suddenly we heard an order from behind
A lady commanding if others would not mind
To move forward and create space in the center
So as to let the youngsters enter.

Turning towards the direction of the sound
What I saw did make me astound.
The orders were coming from the lady
What is next to her she could never see.


KParthasarathi said...

Amazing that a blind woman took on the role of the conductor possibly afraid of youngsters at the entrance.
A good thought couched as a nice verse.

Shravan said...


lakshmi said...

Thanks Mr.Parthasarathi
and thanks Shravan

vim3 said...

wow! Do you see these things or do they come from your imagination? Keep writing, you are good:)

lakshmi said...

HI Vim
a little seen and a little imagination
together they are in poem version

thanks again

manivannan said...

Astounding indeed was the ending. Great!

You have wonderfully painted the picture. And the rhyming is also good.


My wOrLd... said...

nicely written though im a bit late to read it....
u hav power of words....utilize it 2 da max....coz i thnk god has given u sum work dat is to b done for some one ho u know not a bit....
god bless...

A New Beginning said...

Nice one and quite interesting!Keep Writn:)

KParthasarathi said...

With so much of goodwill,you need to post more poems.They come now once in a blue moon.
Good luck and best wishes

lakshmi said...

Thanks dear friends..........