Friday, January 23, 2009

The theme provided to me by a friend I just tried to put words and make it a poem. And here it is:

If I don’t start and reach there early I know
Winding like serpentine, the line would grow
I cannot stand in this endless queue
My legs are weak, and I cannot pursue.

Though advanced by years, I too desire
To cover my shame and so I require
This long piece of cloth that would erase
Many a disgrace I very often face.

Outside my hut in this pitiable plight
I stand waiting to see if there’s some light
Came this gentleman, sent by the divine
With his help I was first in the line.


KParthasarathi said...

There are always kind hearted people to help the old and infirm in this insensitive world.The poem has brought it out and is touching indeed.

Shravan said...

i loved the last two line and its touching as always. :)

vim3 said...

People would be a little more considerate towards others if they would realize that one day they too could be in the same state, all it needs is a flip of fortune

manivannan said...

A heartfelt poem here! Very well written.

And your poem above is also excellent! A beautiful tribute to that selfless deed.

I'm unable to comment in the above post, so have commented here. The comment option is disabled. Plz check it out.

lakshmi said...

Thanks a lot Mr.Parthasarathi, Vim and Shravan.

lakshmi said...

Thanks Mani
As regards the comment option....I don't know why it happened, I have not disabled them. When I tried to post a thanks note....the same thing happened, but repeated trial brought the comments.

KParthasarathi said...

where are more poems from you