Sunday, September 28, 2008

Friends are there for you

Friendship is a lovely gift
Never let it go adrift
Never let something to stain
For once lost you can never gain.

Give it the value it richly deserves
Ban unwanted thoughts that swerves
it has been shown - sure is friendship
Something more than just relationship

When in hours of need friends assure you
Never would they bid adieu
They would be there to erase your tear
And ensure to throw away your fear.

Rest assured you would never be alone
Never would they let you into the world unknown
They would hold your hands forever
Even after the warmth makes you abler.

Long after things grow old
The trust you place they surely would hold
A friendship so precious more than a jewel
That is something they want to be eternal

Thursday, September 11, 2008

light at the end

When the world seems to turn against you
When things don't go as you expected them to
When you feel this must be the end
As you find turmoils at every bend.

Deep inside you feel not the light
Something is blocking the vision from your sight.
As you strain your eyes to see
Not a trace of anything even faintly.
All of a sudden a flash of light
Blinds your eyes, being so bright
Hands covering tightly your eyes
Out of the situation you try rise.

Open your eyes you hear someone say
Let me lead you out of this bay
Give me your hand I shall take you
And together, to problems let’s bid adieu.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

night so lovely

Beautiful moon I do see
Peeping from behind the clouds
Shining little pretty stars
Adorning the vast sky
Sitting back and feeling relaxed
I love nature, its beauty I admire.

Yonder is the silhouette of trees
Bending and swaying to the gentle breeze
A lovely scene satiating our eyes
And in the silence of the night
Mild sound do I hear
Of the rivers flowing through
Crickets chirping and frogs croaking.

No musical instruments are played
None to render a song
Yet nature’s orchestra team
With its music divine to our ears
Fills our heart with inner peace.
I close my eyes and savour
The beauty of mother-nature
Happiness filling my heart to brim
And I truly wish and pray
This night would never end.

Then I hear night whispering to me
Sorry dear I have to leave
Across the globe I do have
Others also to please
But I promise to return by dusk
And fill you with happiness again.
Slowly the stillness of the night
Paves the way for sun to arise.
Elegant and majestic sun shows its face
And begins the day with joy and grace.

With lots of love