Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happiness and Charity

There is this orphanange near my residence wherein we contribute either by way of cash or kind. Immense happiness fills our hearts in doing this deed. I have been to a few orphanages and I felt whenever I was contributing, I was doing an amazing deed. Oh how foolish I was.

This March my husband suggested that we hand over my 3 year old two wheeler to the orphanage for their regular use. Oh a wonderful deed indeed I thought The volunteers there thanked us a lot for this contribution.

Each time I call them, I am thanked profusely saying how useful the bike is for them in carrying out many of the orphanage activities. And a smile spreads across my face to hear the same. But then suddenly I was faced with this question. Am I the one who is doing something. I just gave them something, when I had a replacement for the old one. But is it not they who filled me with happiness beyond measure by giving me an opportunity of being able to do some good deed in my life. I am forever filled with gratitude to them.