Monday, January 12, 2009

A beggar and his friend

Read in a tamil magazine about a dog howling beside a dead beggar,
thought why not put in words to make a poem. And so here it is.

Seated along the roadside corner
Adorned in clothes tattered all over
Begging for alms to see him through
And what he gets he shares it too.

Today he was not seated but sprawled
A scene so different as he was walled
By the many who did throng
Letting him die they moved along.

Sitting beside was his four-legged friend
Someone who with him did append
Gratitude was what it did show
By staying beside when others did go.

When whole human kind was against him
Finding not a morsel to eat and life was dim
Here was a heart showering & sharing love and meal
With the beggar’s demise, life now has lost the zeal

As his howling seemed to deepen
People considered it an evil omen
They threw stones to shoo him away
But he stood transfixed filled with dismay.


KParthasarathi said...

Very touching poem revealing what we see not infrequently on the roadsides.It is said that dog is the only thing on earth that will love us more than we love ourselves.In an insensitive world the dog is always nicer than a man.
Your concluding verse highlighted the cruel and uncaring nature in man on another fellow being.
One more beautiful poem as always from you.Thanks

Shravan said...

touching as usual lakshmi.what comment should i leave except for touching?

lakshmi said...

Thanks Mr.Parthasarathi and Shravan.
Your comments are encouraging and motivating.

manivannan said...

I'm touched...Well written.

An article has moved you... great!

A New Beginning said...

Dipped in emotions.Beautifully written, keep it up!

Subuhi said...

Cathartic... The only word that comes to me after reading your poem. A beautiful piece.

lakshmi said...

Thanks for the inspiring words of encouragement friends...It means a lot to me.