Sunday, February 8, 2009

Doctor's negligence

Hurt me deep to see this lovely new born baby
Instead of cradle, on the floor lying awfully
Both legs bandaged, and held up high,
Doctor’s negligence with fractures does he lie.

What oh what are the doctors up to?
Mistakes they commit are far from few.
Patients’ life either in jeopardy or put to risk
If money not given, some just whisk.

It is not an issue of just one-day
World over people have this to say
A dedicated and noble profession, they stain
Parents and patients put to unbearable pain.


KParthasarathi said...

Heart rending poem and the picture.As in US the penalty for negligence should be so enormous that it will act as deterrent.
Thanks for the post

Shravan said...

very touching and a fact explained... the doctor's profession hs lost its value these days.. like in every other professions money has become a deciding factor here too..

manivannan said...

It's sad. When money gets into head, this is what happens.

A thoughtful poem... admirably written!

Neha said...

Such a nice poem.., n its so sad to hear abt the poor baby..,

lakshmi said...

Thanks a ton Mr.KP, Shravan, Mani and Neha.

With regards

My wOrLd... said...

very touching....
many people do not know what others lose coz of their mistakes...
may be,one day, they will realize what they have done...