Sunday, March 21, 2010

My beautiful dress

My dress is torn
a beautiful dress
what shall I do now dear?

it is expensive
one of a different kind
I need a way to clear.

Laces and bows
adorning around
Mamma will surely scream.

Down the road
is the tailor's shop
will he give a try?

I went to him
with tears in eyes
asking to help by.

will surely try
so come later
he said and shooed me away.

my heart filled with fear
fingers crossed
I wait for pass of day.

when I returned
my beautiful dress
In my arms he did place.

I muttered a thanks
was choked with emotion
for there was not a torn trace


surjit said...

Wonderful...I admire expressing your true feelings in a subtle manner.
My best wishes.

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Lakshmi,

Hmmmmmmmmm !! maybe ur love towards your daughter brought out the child in you even when she tore ur dress, the poem too seemed childish, afterall..all for her, right?

KParthasarathi said...

I was thinking whether Lakshmi wanted to convey that even hurt feelings can be erased without a trace when tended carefully like the torn dress in the poem.
Nicely expressed

Saras said...

Exactly, I agree with Partha. It is a subtle way of suggesting her thoughts. Well done Lakshmi.

A New Beginning said...

Awww so sweet :)

Anya said...

Very lovely poem
and i like the dress ....... :-)


salu said...

a stich in time saves nine!!!
so the cute-y did in time ... the innocence is revealed in few lines ....
rgrds, salu.