Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ambulance and the traffic
the siren from the ambulance was shrill...
depicting urgency and emergency
yet none of the vehicles gave way for the ambulance....
with a lot of difficulty the driver managed to manoeuver
and reached the traffic signal
ambulance are given a green signal though the traffic signal shows red
and with the ailing person it shot through the traffic
and those who refused to give way to the ambulance
took advantage of the ambulance ahead
following it they just jumped the red signal
and the traffic policeman just watched

wow Indian traffic is truly atrocious


KParthasarathi said...

For the patient in an ambulance to get caught
in a traffic snarl is the worst bad luck.There would be no attempt by others to give right of way to the ambulance. With our roads so narrow and cramped with vehicles inching forward,we should only pray that none falls sick during peak traffic time!!Many die before they get medical attention.
What is the solution Lakshmi?

arvind said...

not atrocious..
as uaual!!

A New Beginning said...

U know Lakshmi..that reminds me of an incident when there was red light and an ambulance was stuck in traffic..a man got out of his car and helped the ambulance pass but directing the car s to leave space..and in this case no one followed :)there are such blessed sould in this world and on the other hand those who take advantage like the ones you mentioned .

deeps said...

until i left the office this evng, we counted 8 ambulances... but who knows how many of them were dashing with lights n sirens on with the right purpose!!!!
a few weeks back an ambulance was caught with drinks in it and not any suffering patient! when thats the scenario, people taking advantage of the blinking lights is no surprise ha?

KParthasarathi said...

One swallow does not make a summer,Deepu

Greener Bangalore said...

Many ambulances will take patients to their own hospitals and facilities even if there is a hospital nearby. And mostly these patients are not always in critical condition..They mostly were given first aid..and then will take to a distant hospital...Its become a part of Health Care 'Bussiness'....cant help it....

ambikasingh said...

Ambulances are lucky in this part of the city.

I have never seen an ambulance stuck in the traffic jam. The vehicles keep moving and the traffic policemen ensures it is out of the traffic in no time :)