Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Subdued Fire

Writhing in pain because of betrayal
From unexpected quarters – so very brutal
Tears welling and rushing out
Controlling it she could not.

Opening the valve of the shower
She let the water flow on her
Clearing the tears as the water flow
Closing her eyes she let them go.

Her eyes now closed she could sense
Yellow and red fire so dense
She realized the feeling with awe
She was burning inside, very raw.

Allowing the water do their charm
Thereby releasing her from the alarm
Slowly she saw the obtuse fire
Whimper and letting go the ire.

As she now opened her eyes
She could feel the cool slowly arise
Allowing the form of an aura of peace
Not anymore she felt the crease.

As she closed her eyes again
Doubting, if exists the fire of pain
What she saw amazed her
In place of fire a lovely white flower.

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