Monday, May 5, 2008

Atrocious Act by human beings

The newspaper had this news to report. "Child thrown into well survived."
A 7 day old child (happens to be a female baby) was found in a well. It appears that the baby was thrown into the unused irrigation well, but the infant got caught and entangled in thick thorny bushes in the 60 feet deep well which had 20 feet water. The cries of the baby brought the nearby residents and fortunately or unfortunately the baby was saved. The picture showed the baby’s hands all wound in bandages.
Same news also reported about a 5month old baby girl abandoned in a drainage channel.
These babies were probably thrown because they happen to be girl babies, or because of financial constraints to rear a girl baby or that the baby happens to be an illegitimate child.
If the babies have been abandoned because it happens to be a female, then people please remember, even in the poorest families, girls have proved to be real gems, and in no way inferior to boys in any field in the present day of living.
If the babies were abandoned because of financial constraints, parents please make use of protection against unwanted pregnancy when you want to satiate your physical desires. There are so many cheap options available in the market nowadays, even the nearest government clinic would provide these.
And if the babies were abandoned because it happens to be illegal, then my question is why ever did the mother have to undergo the 10month trial, bring life into this earth and just throw the babies into the drainage or well to let them die. It would have been better if an abortion has been done in the initial trimester itself. And the best suggestion for the couples is, to get, themselves sterilized so that they can go about satisfying their physical needs and lust and yet not do the inhuman act of abandoning the babies.
Whatever be the reason, it just shows the ruthless, heartless and inhuman act by the people involved in this cruel deed. In this regard animals happen to be a better creation of God. Even at critical times of their life, they only think of saving their babies and not abandoning them. A lesson to be learnt from this wonderful creation of the Almighty.

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RaMaNaN said...

i too heard abt this news, it was so shockin that how come the mother have the heart to do s'thing like this, The parents must be punished..As u said there r many ways...but, Lack of Awareness and lack of resposibility is the reason...