Saturday, May 10, 2008

To my love

Never do I tire of seeing you
Believe me these words are true
It’s your presence that makes me live
If I have hurt, I ask you to forgive.

If your eyes mine don’t meet
Never assume our relationship is beat
Something said has hurt me deep
Seeing you that time, tears do seep.

The hurt in heart does seem to pain
But never have I felt the relationship strain
Deep from my heart I say with zeal
The Love for you that I always I feel.

It is your charm that sent slow my pace
I’d give anything to see the smile in your face
brittleness in relationship, would be erased by the angel
And the Love we share will be made eternal

1 comment:

RaMaNaN said...

hey there,
Nice one..
i do try to write poems wenever i feel like, depends largely on y mood.. nowadays its hard to find peace to write one..but its gud to see u r very gud
keep up the work