Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friends and Friendship

All alone trying to hold
Is not easy, everyone told
But I did try my level best
To realize, true were the rest.

Dear, the almighty said
You sure can go ahead
But remember, friends are there
to assist you, when in despair.

But do you have to eternally wait
for these pressing needs to state
why in friendship, hesitation impedes
friends are waiting to show warmth thro deeds.


Ayesha Parveen said...

hi Lakshmi,
wonderful poems on friendship, love that survives pain. and thank you so much for writing a comment on my first work. your words are very motivating for me.
best wishes,

KParthasarathi said...

It is a beutiful poem

I read somewher the following:
A friend
gives heart to grow
helps to think more kindly
to live more graciously

A faithful friend is God's blessing

RaMaNaN said...

gr8 one lakshmi,
My friends are my Life line... finding one is hard, holding on to them is harder but departing them is the hardest.. almost impossible for me..
keep writing..
i have become ur fan :)