Monday, September 20, 2010

My Crow Friends

A few crows enjoy my morning breakfast and sometimes lunch too. As early as 6.30 in the morning they come to my kitchen window sill and start cawing. They are the first ones to taste my cooking (not a bad cook I am I suppose since the number has increased from one to many in the last few days). One crow in particular decided to trust me. In the sense the crow would put its head through the window grills to see if it could see something edible. Many times it sits on my window grill and now does not fly when I put out my hand through the window sill to keep something for it to eat. Once I place the food for it, it caws and ensures the others are there for their breakfast. Oh but it also ensures it is the first to have its breakfast. Most of the other crows ensure I either move out of their sight soon after I place their breakfast or at least assure that I don’t harm them or catch them.
Of late I noticed this in my crow friend – the daring one – it has got a companion for itself I suppose, they always come together. The other crow just sits a little distance away from my window sill. My friend as usual comes and caws sitting on the window sill and slowly moves itself towards the grill. As I place its breakfast, it fills its beak and goes towards its partner. Filling its partner’s beak with what it has taken, it comes again for more. I enjoy seeing this daily morning. I also talk to them, which is very amusing to my daughter who has a hearty laugh to see me do so. Hmm I sure would like to pat the crow on its head…for being so caring towards its partner and also for being daring and trusting me.


amalbose said...

u sure the other one is its parter? coz i think usually mother birds do that for their kids.. :D

KParthasarathi said...

அந்த தைரியமான காக்கை உங்களை 'காக்காய் ' பிடிக்கறது.
நீங்களும் அதன் வலையில் விழுந்து விட்டீர்கள்!!
காக்கைக்கு அன்னமிட்டாள் மிகவும் புண்ணியம் என்று கூறுவார்கள் .
சௌகரியமான வீடு அமைந்தது ஒரு பாக்கியம். வித்யாசமான கட்டுரை

arvind said...

it may be the mother..

my wife use to feed dogs regularly..
whenever the mother and kids come -
the mother stands in the sideline -
see the kids eat the food and
then eats out the remaining..

ho.. what a lovely life to them..
the head hiding cuckoos, brave minas, playful squirrels..

keep it up -
that may always fill ur heart..

Dr.Antony said...

In Kerala,we believe if the crows caw,perched on banana plants, they bring in guests to the house.I don't know about window sills.
Some times I pity the crows.They are not given any attention,and no one wants to tame them.Is it because they are so common?

A New Beginning said...

Its always good to observe nature, a really soothing thing to do :)