Monday, April 5, 2010

Red Flowers
Oh aren't those lovely red flowers
so beautiful, to the earth like foyers
Happily said the little angel
from the heavens high above.

Please dear Father let me go
and admire them, where they grow
pleaded this little angel
eyes filled with excitement and glow.

You wouldn't withstand it my dear
they are not what you see from here
so my dear little angel
do not plead, just to me do hear.

Her face bore a look of sadness
devoid now of the lovely blitheness

wanting that his dear little angel
understand the reality, he let her go.

As she flew down to the earth
she saw the beauty just fading away
mirth lost and hurt was this little angel
for she saw not flowers but blood all way.


KParthasarathi said...

I didn't expect this sad turn at the end.The poem is beautifully written.
I could cull out three morals in this short but sweet verse.
-Listen to elders if you wish to avoid a shock
-Let go the children to see for themselves the grim realities as they are
-What could be made a thing of beauty like a carpet of red flowers, the people in earth instead indulge in gory blood letting
So much packed as in a capsule.
Thanks Lakshmi

A New Beginning said...

Oh God!so true..the brutal reality of our planet..our world!

Anya said...

So lovely written
its B_E_A_U_T_I_F_U_L_
My new post is also about our world...
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)