Sunday, February 21, 2010

Her beautiful smile

I love to see her beautiful smile
so whenever I come across her
I give her one of mine
to be reciprocated with a lovely shine.

Why am I, by her smile smitten
What is it that draws me to hers
It is a smile so innocent and sweet
offering many a lovely treat.

Devoid of makeup, yet a beautiful grace
stress of one, her smile does erase
a chuckle and giggle bringing a dimple
cute little baby my day has become special.


KParthasarathi said...

When a baby flashes its smile with no guile or intent,one cannot but be overjoyed.It is its innocence and spontaniety that makes it special.For that matter any smile is always welcome.
A nice post

anupama said...

Dear Lakshmi,
Good Evening!
Beautiful photo of the cute baby and touching lines!
This lovely baby reminds me of Minooty!
She is just six months old and so sweet.
We were together for a few days,
She stole our hearts by her cute smile and giggles,
Now when Nanda gives me a call from Newyork,
I enjoy Minooty's giggles and smiles,
The most innocent smile of a baby,
Helps us to forget the worries,
And take us to a new world!
Wishing you a beautiful night,

Saras said...

Lakshmi, very nice post. Of course a baby's smile is the most pristine of all because of its purity and honesty.

A New Beginning said...

Awww!lOVED THE BABY PIC, think its someone you know isnt it..just loved the poem Lakshmi, thanks a lot and have a great week ahead!

Destiny's child... said...

There's nothing sweeter than a baby's smile, right? :)
Especially when you see them bawling most of the time ;)