Sunday, December 5, 2010


Very difficult indeed it is to control the mind. It tends to tread on and adhere to exactly those memories that we don't want it to go. It plays a wonderful role in remembering and raking up those issues that we
really want to forget.


sury said...

It is the brain and particularly the sertraline secreting there is the villain. When in wakeful stage but practically no work, brain has a tendency to mull over events/things of the past to ensure its present usefulness to us. Deficiency of sertraline leads to past thoughts especially undesirable ones, inconsistent with age, sticking and not going out at all. This could affect the quality of life as well.
BTW, what we call mind is just a manifestation of the brain. One can take control of it, by techniques like CBT (cognizant behavioural therapy) meditation (pranayaama) including involving us in active pursuits.
All the Best.
subbu rathinam.

KParthasarathi said...

A nice poser you have raised.Mind is the most capricious thing we battle with all the time.Mind and body rarely work in tandem.It is easier to control a monkey that had consumed alcohol,stung by scorpion and under the spell of a ghost than the mind.Control of mind is difficult without serious practice.

Ellen said...

You certainly have succeeded to nudge your reader to think on the subject further. A good one!

deeps said...

Going bit philosophical ha? :P
Mind = memory….Somehow we associate these two na?
But like you say, there is something that prevents us from erasing the memories we want to wipe off from our mind…

Shanthi said...

Well penned and true

dr.antony said...

I had written sometime back, the wounds never heal.
Memories warp and fade,never die.
There is a song in Malayalam." It is easy to say,forget.But easier not to be born"

arvind said...

everytime when
u fall in the trap of the mind
try to put the things on ur heart..

a mind always confuses,
always arogantly hold a certain point,
always egoistic

everytime try to move towards the heart..

but for me - this much of ur understanding of the mind is so
beautiful.. said...

Hello from a snowy UK. I have stumbled across your thought provoking blog and have added myself as your latest follower. Please do drop by my blog and maybe follow if you would like.
Warmest wishes.
Carol from

surjit said...

Yes, the world is what our mind perceives.
Thanks Lakshmi Ji for sharing another wonderful post.
God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sad but all to true :-(