Sunday, May 10, 2009

Waiting for my daughter in a college campus
I had in hand three hours to kill
With a novel in my hand I proceeded
To find a comfortable place to sit.

Far away I saw few people waiting.
One particular lady is what my eye did catch
Nothing special yet intermittently I kept watching her
While reading the novel in my hand

Shifting places to avoid the sun's rays
I found one to seat myself comfortably
Within few minutes she came near me
And left her bags in my possession

Mumbling something she went away
And soon I saw her strolling around.
Wondering what it was she did
I drove my attention to the book again.

A little later she came to sit beside me
And soon opened a conversation
But what surprised me was the act
Of the security directing two puppies to her

She opened a packet of biscuit
And offered them to the puppies
She does it frequently she said
When she saw an amazed look in my face

She was here waiting for her daughter
And decided to put the time to best use
Feeding stray animals and helping them
Is what she does during her free time

Pathetic she said were the lives of stray animals
All they receive are physical abuse from human kind.
Her selfless act impressed me a lot
And instantly I was drawn to her.

How many of us would do I pondered
One man can start anything she said
You don’t need to find an NGO to start
You start then the NGO gets formed.

It is not just feeding or helping animals
Any act of kindness makes a difference to all
Her words deep in my heart now
I intend to feed at least one per day.


KParthasarathi said...

Wow.If only this sentiment catches on,the impact would be tremendous.This was what the famous sage of Kanchi had said when he wanted each one to donate a handful of rice for the needy.Even stray animals fall in the category. A powerful message,Lakshmi, you have conveyed through this nice verse of yours

manivannan said...

Great! I am really impressed akka...That person must be wonderful to have created such a impact in you...And I always love the way you turn such incidents into beautiful poems!

Have a great weekend!

surjit said...

..'Her words deep in my heart now
I intend to feed at least one per day....
And I mean it.
Thanks for sharing your 'awakening' post.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

One good deed done every day
Keeps all your sins away
A thought for others your spare
And some of your blessings you share....

deeps said...

I am glad you had to kill time
In waiting at a campus among many
Though busy reading, thinking about anu too
You did weave in your mind these lines
Looking at a particular lady far off …
Thus we got a poem beautiful
That spoke of cruelty
And cried for stray animals

A New Beginning said...

A beautiful lesson wrapped in a lovely poem:)

lakshmi said...

thanks a lot friends

sm said...

very nice poem

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

akka, i love the way you transform daily happenings to poems.. and this one is the best that i read from you :)

Amritbir Kaur said...

Very well said indeed!!! But what is missing in a majority of us is the courage to make the first move and the feeling of sympathy and kindness seems to have 'gone with the wind' these days. We must remember always, each drop counts.

GreyPilgrim said...

Nice Poem Lakshmi expressing a lot of sentiment and the compassion in you.


Rush said...

aspiring for more poetry..its been long

angel in disguise.... said...

hey..a very cute way to express strong emotions..i loved it..keep up the good work!

anupama said...

very touching incident and an eye opener to many!when i skip feeding the sparrows,pigeons and cats in the morning,i become restless.
the self satisfaction is the best reward than any recognition!
keep writing!
cheers for a noble cause,

readersdais said...

good one,atleast those who read this will think about a helping hand,but can u all be frank and say that uve fed a single(living being) after reading this.(apart from regular feeders).

sury said...

Well said. Anyone can start a new thing, extend a helping hand sans waiting for the Govt or NGO to pour in millions to create a trust, what would ultimately become a haven for deceit and corruption.
When one has the will to help, he starts doing that. A lot of avenues are there:
Please also read this:

ultimately, it is the selfless service to humanity proves our nearness to God.


deeps said...

thank you so much .. :-)

Herrad said...

Hi Lakshmi,

A good post thought provoking we should all each day undertake random acts of kindness to those around us on the prinicple of what goes round comes round.

We all need to show more love and care to each other,

Have a good day.

ps Thanks for visiting Spike and AMarleen's blog.

Herrad said...

Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks for your email.
Look forward to visiting your blog often.

Herrad said...


Please come by my blog and pick up your award.



deeps said...

anu has settled down now...
so when will we get to see an update here? :-)