Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Litter Free Zone

Walking along the roads of our city
What greets us is the garbage strewn
It is not the garbage that strikes our mind
But the attitude of the people around.

We accuse the government of its failure
When they are unable to create a beautiful city
Who is to blame, if we really wonder?
It is we, devoid of basic cleanliness.

We have garbage bins at all nooks and corners
But we use it better to play, aim and throw
Miserably we lose in the game we play
Thereby spilling the garbage around.

Neatly written on wooden boards we find
Words that say "Litter Free Zone"
What we seem to understand by the phrase
"Here's a place where litter can freely be thrown."


KParthasarathi said...

Sad but true.This is what happens all around.The maids who dispose garbage are not compelled by the folks who employ them.The garbage can is litter free more often!!

manivannan said...

Ha! Awesome ending :)

Seeing where people dump garbages in chennai could be very funny, but will strikingly show how selfish life in city has become...

Again wonderful social message sent across!

Have a great day!

A New Beginning said...

Amamzing as always:)only if people were responsible enough the world would have been a better place to live in!

sury said...

God Save Chennai !

lakshmi said...

@ Mr.KP, Mani, Sana, Mr.Sury

true indeed, the scenario is very pitiable.
But it is within us to create a beautiful surrounding amidst us..........what are we contributing towards it is a million dollar question I suppose.

thanks for reading and posting comments.

deeps said...

the game seems to be catching up as a wild fire everywhere making one to wonder if garbage bins are necessary at all ...

but, it is a painful act for many of us to really take the pain and do these small little things ...not only in the case of littering garbage!

Vidya said...

I truly agree with your poem. It is sad that these same people are able to abide rules in foreign countries. It is easier for people to blame the government and others. They need to first look into themselves and change. As each person changes our country will become better and cleaner. Nicely written.

lakshmi said...

Thanks Vidya
true indeed ............the very people who follow rules and regulations to T when abroad think otherwise when in their own country..........special mention to our own countrymen.

surjit said...

A wonderful poem with a subtle message.You have given a new meaning to 'Dust free zone':
"Here's a place where litter can freely be thrown."
Thanks for sharing your insights.
God bless.

Rush said...

an amazing skill of voicing ur emotions thru a poetic twist..love it

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

and now that is reality justified :)
Neatly written on wooden boards we find
Words that say "Litter Free Zone"
What we seem to understand by the phrase
"Here's a place where litter can freely be thrown
what more does one have to say?

Ellie Great said...

Great job! A wonderful poem!