Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let go

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush
So goes the saying that all of us have heard
But also true is the fact that trying to possess it
Leads to disappointment and unhappiness.

Wriggling for freedom when held tightly
bearing the scar of its fight for freedom
or it gets choked and suffocated
all we are left with is its lifeless body.

So also is relationship in one's life
Assuming we are showering love
We try to possess and hold too tightly
Unaware that it creates unbearable pain.

An act of strangulation is what one feels
When being held in other's grip
So much so that they flee and seek freedom
Or the relationship undergoes painful death.

I was trying to hold steadfast to her
sort of insecure she might slip away.
I realized I was only stifling her.
I need to give her the breathing space.


KParthasarathi said...

An exceedingly nice poem with a strong message.

Rush said...

like sand in my hand
i try and grip it more
the more it slides off me

Rush said...

great to have u back..after a loong absence

A New Beginning said...

A great poem with a strong message!Keep up!

Aparna V.S said...

great work dear...loved it.a true message

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

akkaaa.. one month of being away? missed u. and what a return post ! great work akka :)

Amal Bose said...

strong poem..
loved it :)

NovoneeL ChakrabortY said...

great inspirational poem...

Aysha said...

Well expressed..a wonderful poem

lakshmi said...

dear friends
thanks for the appreciation

Vasudha.dilip said...

a very inspiring poem....thanks a lot for visiting my blog. great work keep it up...

Ellie Great said...
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anupama said...

dear lakshmi,
i did and always very pssessive!and the most i suffered!now i wish to be caged in the grip and to feel the scar!strange?that's anu!
but now i leave every one else to enjoy their freedom.tell me,will anyone come back?
it's okey..........a very touching poem.

readersdais said...

R u putting limits to love?

lakshmi said...

@ readersdais
No I am not putting limits to love.....
love is one thing that can flow unlimited...
shower love with no restrictions.....but do not bind it is what I say.........


GreyPilgrim said...

Hi Lakshmi --- Nice poem with a good message...Liked it very much.