Friday, December 5, 2008

To my mother

As I entered my mother’s place
I felt a shiver run down my spine
Waiting were you inside the ice box
For your son to have a glimpse of you.

Your face showing a look of serene
As if under the caress of gentle sleep
Decades of pain you went through
Now you are released from all sorrow.

Kith and kin paid their condolences
Crying out loud - why you had to leave
And this ma makes me wonder
Are you aware of the love they shower?

Their heart filled with gratitude
Your generosity they had forever valued
For even in times of pain all day through
You invited them with a loving smile

It hurts a lot to let you go
But we were given no other choice
And then I feel you sent a smile
A smile that says I am with you.

A whisper too you send to me
Telling us not to grieve
For you have joined dad above
To shower us with eternal love.


KParthasarathi said...

One never gets over the loss of a loved one like mom.It is a long process for the aching heart to heal.Tresure your pleasant memories of her and the happy moments with her.Memories are the best legacies.Over a long period the grief will pass away.
A touching poem indeed

deeps said...

thats so soul-touching laksh ..
and yes, it cant be otherwise ...

yet the love unconditinal lives on