Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friendship is what we did share
Relationship so very genuine and rare
And then some acts I began to misdo
Too late when I began to rue.

A jealous feeling engulfed me
For I wanted friends to be close to me
And so I tied an invisible rope
Binding them, and not able to cope.

Writhing very much, heart filled with pain
And yet from me they did not refrain
Waiting patiently for me to understand
That friendship sans any type of band.

Fool that I was I failed to get the message
Bind I did tighten, and created a slippage.
Endurance power they seemed to lose
And soon to me they bid their adieus.

I stand all alone looking at the horizon
Because of the folly never to be undone.
Filling my heart with feelings of jealousy
Losing everything, I wander aimlessly.


KParthasarathi said...

Jealousy is perhaps the outcome of fear of abandonment and a sign of insecurity.It can be born out of an apprehension that affection is not reciprocated in equal measure.It can only lead to loss of friends and the loved ones.
A nice poem.

deeps said...

laksh they say Knowingly or Unknowingly some people walk in2 ur life. And its ur decision who stays in and who walks out....

how are deepu n anu? no news these days!
their exams must be coming around ha?

Shravan said...

friendship is just like that... one day or the other day all will have to depart.there isnt any binding force.. on day or the other days all will ahve to leave the frienship they possess and search for newer ones. but the thing is, childhood frienship rock.

in between thanks for the comments and think i have responded to one of them.