Thursday, December 4, 2008

The blind beggar

Seated on a bus by the window side
I saw him climb up with cane as aide
His eyes covered with dark glasses
He extends the bowl to the masses.

Tapping his cane he reaches each seat
Saddening the travellers at his pitiable plight,
Into his bowl the coins find the way
He profusely thanks and moves away.

The driver returns to start the bus
We shout out to him in chorus
Helping the blind man climb down
Happy we feel to erase his frown.

As the bus moves, I happen to notice
A Change in our blind man’s status

Dark glasses his face sans
And the cane waving in his hands.

Laughing heartily as I look by
He bids me a barbed goodbye
From the bowl he counts the coins
Moving ahead his group he joins


KParthasarathi said...

The poem reveals one of the cunning ways to divest the credulous of their money.
A good verse indeed

Shravan said...

these kinds of pranks are very common these days,one or two days before, i read an sms message like :one man writes a book on how to be rich with less efforts, and one day another finds him begging in the street and ask, and the author replies " this is one of the most successful ways i have figured out".

the sms was a funny one, just lost it some where... any ways, a good one.. you too good to pick up instances from ones simple life as themes.. again, a good poem, loved reading :)