Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our anger - why shower it on others?

When we are angry, we happen to use the worst way to exhibit our anger and that is in the form of words. Unintentionally, we use words that are very abusive, rash, harsh in every way. Words, that instill pain beyond endurance. Words that create a scar that can never be erased. A pain, that can never be healed. Sure with passing time, it might fade away slightly, but the scar remains to remind us of the pain. The wound from the injury sees its way to harm the receiver mentally. A blockade is created in the mind of the receiver. The pain so inflicted creates its own path to create a mental gap between the relationship shared by the receiver and the giver.
Words once thrown can never be gathered again. It can be related to the ‘send’ options that we have in emails. Once we type and click send, the message immediately gets sent. No matter what we try, we just can not revert back the message. If it has a positive connotation, then it is acceptable, but what, if the message has a negative content in it… What if we have poured out our anger into the mail and before giving it a second thought clicked the send button. Well it is gone to the receiver.
It not only makes an indelible impact on the receiver, even the person who spurts out such angry retorts is affected. Just imagine taking a handful of red-hot coal pieces and throwing it at someone. Before it reaches the receiver, enough damage is done to the person who is throwing it – their hands are burnt due to the heat of the coal. Such is also the case of abusive, angry words. Yes it does hurt the receiver. But the person who says so is also deeply affected. Is it possible for him to be at peace after having uttered such abusive words? Never- deep inside he would be feeling so guilty. He sure would feel ashamed at himself. But all this happens after his anger is vented out.
A good profound thinking should be given before we utter words especially when we are in our worst moods. For once the words are out of our mouth, then nothing can ever put it back inside. So better it would be for us to remain silent and let the anger pass.
There are a few who say that not letting out the anger might induce health problems in us. But I feel allowing anger to overtake us and making us handicapped at certain moments in life itself is an act, which would lead to health problems. And surely venting out anger in the form of words that hurt others is surely not the right way. What exactly would be our reaction if we were at the receiving end? We would be humiliated, insulted, deeply hurt. But above all, will we ever be able to look up at the person with the same respect? If we are prone to such feelings, why don’t we realize that such would be the feelings of others too and give a little thought before we vent out our anger?
Here is wishing all a wonderful happy cheerful day
That which is devoid of anger, in any way.

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KParthasarathi said...

I don't know how I missed this wonderful post.As you have rightly pointed out, a man's venom poisons himself more than the victim.Men who have not learnt to control temper and anger will have few friends and will never be a sucess in life.The display of anger annd use of violence in language is an emotional habit that must be treated as a disease and cured.Bad temper is just one side of the coin.The other side good temper brings so much good.I am glad that I could read it now.Lakshmi,you can think of converting this prose into a poetical beauty