Monday, March 31, 2008

My sweet little daughter

After nine months of waiting
Placed in my arms beautifully sleeping
Is this beautiful little flower
Filling our hearts with pleasure

Mischief gleaming in her eyes
She brought cheer into our lives
Lot of pranks up her sleeve
Excuses for those would she weave

Her first little steps did she keep
She turned around and saw me leap
With fear, her I tried to hold
Don’t worry her laughter told

As a child she would shy
To meet anyone she asks why
Now grown up, she is outgoing
As I marvel at god’s doing.

Friendship is sacred is her motto
So friends flock to her in toto
To her friends she is loyal
And so she is treated very royal

She takes her life easy going
Good is she in her dancing
To see her dance was the crowd
As parents we felt very proud.

As a person she is more than very adamant,
Come to it, she would never harm even an ant
Questioning her actions annoy her a lot
She says stain in dad’s image I will not

Very sensitive in many a way
Yet not a tear she shows away
As a friend this act I admire
But worry I do in mother’s attire

Differ do we in many a view
Problems propping always anew
Deep inside however we know
As friends, we love each other so.

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