Thursday, November 27, 2008

When the morning dawns
The Sun sends out its first ray
Giving us two options
Either feel happy or sulk entire day.

Today is a gift from god to you
Wrapped with love and happiness
A day one would never have ever again
Once missed we can never regain.

Or if you want to sulk all day long
Go ahead do it if it pleases you
But remember you sure would be
Not just a loner in life, but a loser too.

That is what those would face
Their lovely face devoid of smile
Choice is yours dear mankind
So says the Almighty.

Yesterday is gone, do not rue
And tomorrow will never come
But today is right before you
Enjoy it before it slips right through.

Smile through the day
For it costs you nothing
It brings happiness not only to you
But to those near and dear too.


KParthasarathi said...

Very true but rarely followed!!
A nice verse beautifully written

KParthasarathi said...

Where is the title?