Thursday, November 27, 2008

Irony of human mind

A snippet of what I watched on TV in some comedy channel.

Let us name him Mr. X
Mr. X arrives in a village……with not a penny in his hand and no idea of how to make a living. Moving around the village he notices the villagers to be real simpletons. An idea flashes across his mind and he is all set to put it into action.

A crowd is gathered around him. Two men, of which one happens to be a Brahmin see the crowds flocking around him and go near to find out what it is about. They hear Mr. X shouting – Rs.100 for the darshan of God, Rs.100/- for the darshan of God. So this Brahmin asks him if it is real. Mr. says, if God does not give darshan he would return the amount as Rs.200/- Our Brahmin friend shells out Rs.100/-. All are asked to assemble near the hill top. The D day dawns and the crowd throng around Mr.X again and put their doubt to him. Mr. X now more confident says if God does not give darshan, he would return not just Rs.200/- but Rs.2000/- This makes the people believe him more and all wait for the darshan of the God. Suddenly Mr. X screams – Oh my Lord you did not fail me amidst these villagers. Thanks to you Lord that you have given your darshan today. One man says he is not able to have the vision of God and immediately Mr. X says – Oh poor man, it is because your wife has sinned and been unfaithful to you that you are not able to have the darshan of God. Suddenly the Brahmin also shouts out – Yes Lord I see you, I see you. When asked by his friend he says, it is better to lie than put his wife to shame. And immediately, all the villagers praise the Lord, for having given them his Divya Darshan.
Mr. X quietly leaves the place his hands full of money. He remarks – so long as there are such foolish people living, it would never be hard to earn money.

There is hardly any comedy in this snippet. All along it says the worst nature of mankind. Their views about God, their thoughts to cheat on innocent people and their ideas about defaming women folk, all along it is a negative notion.

The jest about having the darshan of God shows the length to which human beings can portray themselves. We stoop too low in our attitudes by using God’s name and cheating out the innocent people/simpleton. And the villagers who are most willing to pretend having seen something that they in reality have not and in that process prove that they have not sinned shows the height of foolishness inherent in them.

This reminded me of the story – The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Where exactly are we heading to by this lowly act of ours? A sure sign of making people move farther away from believing and trusting in God.
I searched for you My Lord almost everywhere. So desperate was I to see you and know you that I failed to search the place where you actually reside. I realized my foolishness and searched for you inside me and there I found you waiting and smiling at me as if asking why it took me so long to reach you.

The Lord dwells in every heart. So if you desire to win the Lord's pleasure, just do not cause hurt to any one's heart. Shanti Vachan Bhandar, 21.

"God is within you, and that which is within you is subject to self-realization. No one can show God to anyone else. One has to independently realize his real self; thereby he realizes the self of all, which is called God. In the state of ignorance, the student thinks that God is a particular being, and he wants to see that being exactly as he sees something in the external world. It never happens. But when he realizes that God is truth and practices truth in action and speech, then his ignorance about the nature of God disappears and self-realization dawns. Swami Rama (2001). Living with the Himalayan Masters, P.64. "


KParthasarathi said...

I agree with you.People are gullible.I have seen and been to Hanuman upasakar and people putting questions in an envelope and paying dakshina for answers.He was a swindler playing on the foolishness of people.
God can be realised only by the individual by strenuous sadhakam-though very difficult.Most of these godmen are cheats or womanisers or cunning men to keep a mass under their sway.

manivannan said...

Nice post here! True, God is within and it's possible to see him only through Self realization.

I loved that book by Swami Rama, a wonderful book. Shows the limitless possibilities of humans.