Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Religion Conversion

There was a time when Hindus, especially the downtrodden classes were forced to convert their religion by the Christians. This was an easy task due to the ill treatment meted out to them by the upper class Hindus and at such times, the Christians offered solace.

Now it is the vice versa. The Hindus are forcing Christians to convert religion and that too with threaten of death if failed to do so. These Christians do convert their religion and to identify themselves as Hindus, they either shave their heads or wear a swastika symbol around their neck. Do they think that by just converting into Hindus and wearing the Hindu symbol around their neck…these converted Christians are Hindus now. Does not the heart and mind have any say in this. The lips might chant the Hindu mantras. The rituals performed might be that of Hindus, but Jesus is who is in their hearts. Why not let them be so? What are the Hindus trying to prove by forcing Hinduism on them? That they are superior, that they are the supreme beings. That Hinduism is the BEST RELIGION? What does it matter to them as to the religion that is being followed? Do they not realize that by forcing Hinduism on Christian, all that they are inculcating is hatred for the religion? Does not an individual have the right to follow his/her religion? That which brings peace to my mind and heart is the one I should follow, not the one that brings tension or hatred to my heart.

What to call such an act on part of the Hindus? Is it stupidity, or is it foolishness on their part? Or is it better to address this act as insanity and cruel mindedness? Why does it not strike to those who are performing such an act that this thing brings out the cheap-minded thoughts and actions that demean this religion?

Waking up to better days in our lives with no hatred but love for each other as an individual should be the motto. After all what is this thing called religion – something created by man only. Follow the simple rule of Live and Let Live. Be there for each other as and when the need arises. Shower love to one and all. Just remember there is someone high above all of us, The Supreme Creator.


deeps said...

this is an eye-opener laksh...
never knew there was vice-versa thing happening..

yes, conversion is a matter of personal convition n commitment

KParthasarathi said...

Your opening premise is not wholly correct.Conversion of backward and poorer sections of Hinds still take place systematically in some areas, not by winning them over to their religion for its superiority but by luring them with money,education and jobs.The incidents you point out could be an angry response to the proselytisation.But Hinduism is not into conversion as much as other faiths