Monday, February 25, 2008

women, thy thoughts are sphinx-like

Women’s feelings, so difficult to follow
Saying an yes when they mean no
Saying a no when they mean yes
Utter confusion in their own words.

When men express to her their love
She has a haughty answer to shove
And when in his expression he does falter
She leaves him, calling him a duffer.

When asked to come out by their spouse
They don’t and later do they grouse
What they say is really not what they mean
Blaming men when not treated as queen.

What exactly goes through their mind
Is something none could, till date find
And so men find it difficult though they try
To find a solution, on many do they rely.

An answer yet, men have not got
And so it has been a permanent thought
Hither and thither they do search
Which leaves them always in the lurch.

It sure can be said, men know not
For what a woman wants, is only in her thought
So try as they may men can never find
For a solution for this is a difficult kind.

A lady whose views are very clear
Who says her thoughts and does adhere -
Men oh men try to understand
Finding such a woman is not at hand.

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KParthasarathi said...

It a bit uncharitable picturisation of women in general.True they are reticent by nature and are not as voluble as men particularly are to strangers and acquaintances.But to those whom they trust they open their hearts and confide their inner feelings too.That is the way women ought to be and that is the impression I have gained from the women I know.The poem is written very well.