Monday, February 18, 2008

Heartfelt Happiness

Heartfelt Happiness
Happiness in its truest form, where exactly do we find this happiness? Happiness – a feeling of emotion, where does it lie, where does it emerge from? Does it emerge from the material things we receive from others? Questions that I have been asking myself.
My friend presented me a wonderful material for a salwar suit on my birthday. Yes, I appreciated this gesture of hers. The gesture to remember my birth date and the thought to give me something on that day. It sure brought a joyous feeling. But deep sense of happiness, I was not sure that I felt. Likewise, whenever my husband gives me something, I accept the same with a cheerful smile thanking him for the gift or whatever. But more than the gifts, he showers me with hugs and love, unlimited and I realized this act of his happened to bring more happiness inside me.
So does it mean, personal affection brings more happiness? Is that all I wondered? No, I realized, there were more to happiness than just material gifts and personal affection.
Desiring to have a Tulsi plant in my home, I bought a flowerpot for the same and planted a sapling of Tulsi in it. Watering the same the first thing in the morning, I eagerly waited to see if, new leaves emerge from the plant. My heart withered away with the plant as it dried and left me. Not wanting to lose hope, I got another sapling and a few seeds of the Tulsi plant and planted the same. Watering the plants each day, I was rewarded this time. Tiny leaves showing their faces made my heart leap with joy. A sense of happiness I could feel. And the feeling was just beyond compare when I saw very tiny beautiful purple flowers in the Tulsi plant. A really lovely feeling deep inside me I could sense. Nature has in it an abundance of beauty for each of us to enjoy. Looking and savouring these beautiful creations of god sure creates happiness, beyond compare.
A crying kid when given a toy or something to his liking, immediately stops crying, and starts laughing. That toy brings happiness in him. But looking at the change in the child from a crying one to a laughing one, it sure brings a smile and cheer in the heart of anyone who sees him. That feeling in the heart is that of happiness. Anytime we recall events related to the child, the crying fades away, but the cheer and the laughter of the child forever remains in our heart.
Spending just a few minutes of our time with the elderly at home or outside creates so much happiness in their heart. They may not divulge the same, but what their heart says is very much explicit in their eyes. Their eyes gleam with happiness, though their lips never utter the same.
Three weeks before the due date of my delivery, my baby decided enough is enough and wanted to enter this beautiful world. Many a signal did he show to be released, which I did not read though, as I felt 3 weeks before due date is a way too early for him to be born. Twelve hours of persistently trying to shove his way out, I realized he really must be serious and went to the doctor in the early hours of the morning. A C-section has to be done she said and so with no other alternative, I went through the same. When I regained consciousness, placed beside me was my baby peacefully sleeping. Tears filled to the brim I held him close to me. Tears were not of the pain I had due to the C-section, but of joy in seeing this tiny little baby and my heart seemed to be singing with happiness.
Penning these thoughts, I literally went back to life 16 years and 8 years before when my daughter and my son gave me the beautiful motherhood feelings. The happiness I sensed was multiple-fold now. And when I thought about the pain that I had undergone at that time, I realized I just could not even visualize the same.
Small and simple things in our lives bring about the happiness that we yearn for. And yet, we never realize we have it very near to us, deep inside our heart. Happiness felt by the heart, a sense of happiness deeply embedded in the heart lasts forever rather than the material gifts.

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KParthasarathi said...

Happy that you have started your blog on right note-happiness.

I read that there is only one way to be happy and that is to stop worrying about things which are beyond our control.
Happy blogging