Friday, December 4, 2009

The money plant

I have this money plant at my home. Wanting to have some greenery in my kitchen, I cut a small stem from the mother plant and placed it in a bottle for it to grow. I used to keep it in my kitchen or drawing add beauty to the room. Two new leaves grew, and I was happy. And then it stopped growing. No new leaves seen. But the thing is they did not lose the fresh green colour. Each morning I was greeted by just the four leaves with their roots. Neither did it wither nor did it die....Why then did it not grow further I wondered.
In my balcony is the mother plant. Here too, new leaves failed to sprout. Having the habit of speaking to them, I spoke to both the plants...but there was no response by way of growing from them. More than a month passed and no improvement in their growth.
Lying on my bed I remembered when my daughter was all of 5 years. One day my sister said she would take my daughter to her home for just one night. I remember - that night I tossed and turned on my bed not able to sleep without my daughter near me. Could it be I just wondered......
In the morning as usual, I went to water the plants and was speaking to them..... just that this day I asked them if they were missing each other. Then I brought the small plant in the bottle to the mother plant. And just waited. Lo behold, the very next day, both the plants brought forth a tender leaf from their stem. Amazing I thought.
My husband says it is just unbelievable.
I know plants do grow anywhere and everywhere....It could be just sheer coincidence that both happened to grow new leaves on that day......but deep inside I felt, they too seem to have the love as a mother plant and baby plant.


A New Beginning said...

got me back to the chapter I read in school on living being:)Its amazing that plants respond the way we do!!
Thanks a ton for such a beautiful post lakshmi!!!! Have a great weekend:)

Readers Dais said...

That stroke a chord deep within our heart, the feel of motherhood, its value, so simple...& yet u could invoke those emotions,
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction right?
Nice one :)

KParthasarathi said...

Incredible though one tends to believe that plants too have human emotions.A very touching post

deeps said...

Reading this my memories instantly stuck upon a conversation in “thare zameen par”… I m sure you have watched the movie, though the picture there is opposing to the one you have given ….
Well, I have heard of TLC stories, but not from someone I knew and not in this amazing passion.. wow!!
I wonder if you let the people concerned know about your TLC-discovery!!

Destiny's child... said...

That's such a beautiful post...yes, plants do have feelings and emotions...your experience proves it! :)

Sorcerer said...

plants doo have emotions..touching post

Amritbir Kaur said...

If everybody is so sensitive as you towards Nature, I am sure the environmental problem would be greatly minimized. Keep writing such jewels!