Thursday, August 6, 2009

With my nephew

I had to go to Tambaram from Adambakkam to meet my Cousin sister's son. Never been there alone and so asked my sister to accompany me. She too wanted to meet him and so agreed to give me company. Neither of us have traveled by the local train in that direction and so it was a new experience. Asking my mama the directions, we embarked upon our journey. Having bought the tickets, we went ahead to board the train. As I looked at the tickets I realised we had tickets for the wrong station........and that too a day old ticket. Yet we went on. Great it felt to be on ourselves.

Walking for a 10 minutes brought us to the destination. My mama and his son in law were waiting in the entrance. We were very eager to meet my nephew but my mama asked us to wait for few minutes. And the moment we were given the green signal we rushed into the room. And there lying beside his mom all wrapped in a towel just his sweet pink little face seen was my nephew.

Washing my hands and before anyone could stop I gathered him in my arms. Oh a bundle of joy he is. And then I looked up to see the curious stares from all in that room. I was told the baby was not to be touched. I am glad I did that, because seeing me hold the baby, my brother in law could build the confidence to hold the baby and he too did the same. And yes he could not say how he felt, but his face and eyes specially told everything. The sparisam in touching this new born baby, the softness when slowly moving the finger along his hands and face, and seeing his reactions was just so very beautiful.

Two hours with the baby, time just flew by and all I did was to hold him in my arms or just keep looking at him which also is banned my sister said. But well I just could not take my eyes of him. How could one? So peacefully he lay sleeping, delicate tender and he had totally surrendered to his parents and others around him.

Visiting hours over, my sister had to drag me out of the room. I just could not keep the feelings to myself and so during our return journey my sister had to listen to my feelings and expression. I stepped into my home and rushed to my daughter and poured the entire thing to her. Oh god I still had to share and I called up my husband and shared this beautiful evening with him. Human I am so the more I seem to be seeking to share the feeling and so I decided it would be posted in my blog........


Aparna V.S said...

wow....i could feel his soft tender palm and c his sleepy eyes from ur post.nothing can simulate the tenderness of a child....beautiful post....

Rush said...

what better way of letting out the joy!!

and the smell of a new born...Oh my,i almost traveled along.
loved the fact that the sisters planned a day out and had the best time evar!! cheers to that!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Great narration.
I am reminded of the first time I ever held a baby in my hand 18 years ago.
Now she is in the second year of college.

A New Beginning said...

owwww:) Wish I could see the baby too:) love everything about them!! A cute bundle of joy:)
Loved the post Lakshmi!Thanks!!

KParthasarathi said...

New born babies with Johnsons powder fragranceare always a delight to smell.But I am always afraid of holding the tiny bundles of joy in hands for more than one reason.
But Lakshmi can cherish that time when she held boldly the cuddly baby in her hands with love and warmth.A good post

Mojo Arasu said...

It's a pleasant experience to watch new born babies.

anupama said...

you took to me to the most beautiful world of teh little cuties.the motherly feelings awoke and i feel like holding teh little one close to my bosom.
specially,the fragrance of johnson powder as partha told is inspiring and i can feel your pleasure.
why do we grow and why should we?
happy blogging.....

manivannan said...

WOW! A wonderful experience to cherish....great narration! The joy is really contagious :-)

And traveled without ticket? That certainly must have been a new experience, nah?! (he he)

My wishes and prayers to the newborn!

workhard said...

I remember the time i held my baby brother.. i was just in 8th grade.. My hands were trembling..

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